Specifier Review

James Latham Lightens The Load With Dendrolight

James Latham is now offering Dendrolight, a unique three-layer composite material that gives extra lightness and stability to natural solid wood.

An innovative product – which is also incredibly easy to process – Dendrolight is manufactured entirely from renewable materials.  The panels are produced to be combined with any surface layer, offering new design possibilities to the furniture, construction and interior design sectors.

The key feature of the product lies in the unique manufacturing process.  Its middle-layer is made of Spruce or Pine which are glued together in perpendicular angles and sliced into layers that can be surfaced with solid wood, plywood and MDF.


As well as producing a material that offers exceptional stability, the innovative manufacturing process utilised by Dendrolight reduces the weight of solid wood by 40%,  reaching as low as 250kg/m3.  In addition, Dendrolight offers a number of other benefits including low swelling characteristics, high surface rigidity and good screw holding.   Plus, during production of the Dendrolight core, 1m3 of raw timber is made into 0.65m3 of sawdust for biomass fuel pellets, therefore producing 1.4m3 of product from just 1m3 of raw timber.

Latham’s director, Andrew Wright, commented, “As well as being highly sustainable, Dendrolight offers the construction sector, furniture makers and interior designers another option which goes beyond the borders set by the structural and technical characteristics of solid wood and it is already creating plenty of interest.”

For more information on Latham’s extensive product range please phone 0116 257 3415 – www.lathamtimber.co.uk