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Vertical louvres living wall system takes Treebox to new heights

Urban greening company Treebox has unveiled an innovative style of living wall for use in both residential and commercial projects.

Living walls are becoming increasingly popular in both external and internal settings due to their striking aesthetic and environmental impact, but until now controlling the density of a wall’s vegetation has not been straightforward.

Treebox’s new Vertical Louvres system overcomes that problem, enabling a variety of striking visual effects to be created. The louvres can be mounted onto a concealed rail system to enable them to open and close, creating the required plant density



The polypropylene Vertical Louvres wall can support any herbaceous plant. The proximity of each louvres determines whether a solid green wall is created or a thinner wall with a see-through effect.

Armando Raish, managing director of Treebox, said: “Since we first showcased our Vertical Louvres living wall system at March’s Ecobuild conference we have received a great deal of positive feedback.

“Living walls are already recognised as being a stunning way of bringing a drab wall to life, but Vertical Louvres enable a wider array of visual effects to be created. This new system brings a new degree of subtlety and flexibility to living walls.”

Each louvres can be as little as 2m high to 10m high, and can be varied to meet each householder or client’s requirements. A 10m-high Vertical Louvres system is due to be installed at a prominent hotel in Victoria, London, this summer.

When designing the Vertical Louvres for a particular setting, Treebox can advise on what plants would be most suitable in order to create the desired appearance.

The Vertical Louvres system complements Treebox’s existing range of stand-alone, minimal-fuss living walls, which simply require their reservoirs to topped-up every six weeks in order to be well maintained.

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