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High thermal performance from UNILIN

High thermal performance from UNILIN

UNIPUR PLUS Structural Insulated Roof Panels by UNILIN, division insulation, now offer architects and specifiers 0.15W/m2K thermal performance across a span of 4.2m, dramatically improving the thermal performance of large roofs, while cutting down on building material and speeding up installation.


Factory constructed, UNIPUR PLUS panels are available in a range of standard depths with the 192mm thick panel achieving a U-value of 0.15. More impressive, is the ability of UNIPUR PLUS to deliver this performance consistently over a 4.2m span up to a pitch of 45˙.

UNIPUR PLUS panels eradicate many of the problems of providing good thermal performance in larger buildings, while also reducing the amount of material to deliver the U-value required. Simple to install, the panels’ factory-constructed nature eliminate margins of error that can come with traditional methods, helping designs to achieve real-world performance without requiring alteration or over-engineering. In larger buildings, such as healthcare and education environments, warehousing and factories, these advantages offer significant cost and material benefits.

UNIPUR PLUS panels comprise two timber rafters fixed to and stabilised by a rigid facing board that also forms the ceiling finish. Between the rafters, a layer of PIR foam is incorporated. The top layer consists of 3mm water-resistant chipboard and spruce counter battens. The result is an all in one roof panel that is easy to install and ready to receive the final roof covering. They create an airtight, virtually watertight warm roof in a fraction of time compared with traditional methods.

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