Specifier Review


Brett Landscaping supplied a number of paving and kerbing solutions to the London 2012 Games, reinforcing the company’s credentials as a leader in the manufacture and installation of projects combining convenience, safety and aesthetics.

One of the UK’s leading manufacturers of hard landscaping materials, Brett was a supplier of paving and kerbing (Olympic venues) to the London 2012 Games, delivering containment and bus boarding kerbs around the Olympic Park as well as block paving at the Olympic Sailing Village in Porchester, Dorchester.

In addition to assisting the smooth running of the Games’ transportation network, Brett’s solutions – built for long-term durability and aesthetics – underline the legacy elements of the historic event.

Brett designed and supplied over 300 bespoke Trief Containment Kerbs to provide containment for emergency vehicles using the main stadium emergency road to enhance site safety. The unique Trief profile optimises traffic safety by trapping the tyre of impacting vehicles to ensure that they do not leave the carriageway. This was dramatically proven in 2012 when the product gained EN 1317 (N1) approval following independent testing by the Transport Research Laboratory.

Around 200 Kassel Bus Boarding Kerbs were used in the main visitor drop-off areas by the main stadium and the Velodrome.    The Brett Kassel system is specifically designed to allow bus drivers to confidently position their vehicle incredibly close to the kerb for fast, safe and easy passenger access, without tyre damage.  Kassel and Slimline Kassel Kerbs were also integrated into the East London Transport network to help visitors to the Games when travelling to and from the main Olympic site.


Outside of London, a significant volume of Alpha Antique, Omega and Beta block paving was installed in the Olympic Sailing Village in Porchester, Dorchester to provide robust and eye-catching paving both during and after the Games.

Brett’s combination of hard-wearing functionality and rich aesthetics mean that their paving and kerbing solutions supplied for the 2012 Games will continue to benefit residents and complement the surrounding environment for many years.

“Brett Landscaping has worked on many varied and exciting projects, but there are few we are a proud of as being a supplier of paving and kerbing (Olympic venues) to the London 2012 Games,” confirms Andrew Gill, Marketing Manager at Brett Landscaping.

“The benefits are two-fold – firstly, in terms of assisting vehicular and pedestrian traffic to and in venues during the Games; and secondly, by supporting the long-term regeneration of these areas with solutions that will remain highly useful and attractive,” he adds.

“We are delighted we will always have an association with these historic Games, which brought so much joy and inspiration to many people,” he adds.

For more information, visit www.brettpaving.co.uk