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London Ambulance Glazing Audits

London Ambulance Glazing Audits

London Ambulance as responsible employers who were looking to make sure the glazing across their sites met all the required standards outlined in Regulation 14 (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992, this act covers the safety of glass within the workplace.


To this end they then went looking for a company able to undertake this type of survey, reporting and carry out any remedial works necessary for compliance of the act.

Environmental Control Films Ltd were their preferred choice and so they instructed them to undertake the surveys on 83 of their sites within London, over a two month period the surveys were undertaken and the reports delivered back to London Ambulance.

The findings on the whole were very positive for London Ambulance but where glass the occasional did not meet the required standard a polyester optically clear safety film was applied to the glass by Environmental Control Films, this film will increase the tensile strength of the glass and hold it together in the event of a breakage, it will bring standard

4 mm glass up to EN 12600 2B2 safety standard, necessitating the need and high cost to remove the existing glass and re-glaze, the film used is warranted for 10 years with a life expectancy of 15 years.

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London Ambulance were very pleased with the overall service they received from Environmental Control Films, that they have now employed the FM side of the company to manage all there glazing issues from replacement of glass, window restrictors and catches to complete replacement of windows.

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