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A new website has been launched making it easier for crafters and professional model makers to shop online for Craftfoam, one of the market leading materials for creating models, artwork and professional product prototypes.Image

Craftfoam.co.uk aims to inspire creativity by showcasing the wide range of applications for which Craftfoam can be used.  Customers will now be able to access expert advice, step-by-step project tutorials and an inspiration gallery for everything from arts and crafts in schools, to floral arranging, cake decorating, architectural model making and moulding.

The versatility of Craftfoam stems from it being strong, yet lightweight, which means that it can easily be cut, shaped, moulded and modelled using a variety of different tools.  This versatility has made Craftfoam hugely popular with both hobbyists and professionals alike as it places almost no restraint on their creativity.

Craftfoam is made from extruded polystyrene, making it rigid and strong, yet the uniform small cell structure guarantees the best finish for any craft or modelling project.  It’s smooth surface is ideal for painting and is also suitable for use with some resins and pastes.

It is now easier than ever for customers to order Craftfoam online, with a range of different sheet sizes and thicknesses and a choice of either blue or green coloured material providing a solution, whatever the project may be.

Social media has been integrated into the new Craftfoam website to enhance the customer experience and make it even easier for customers to find the inspiration they are looking for.  The Craftfoam Pinterest board showcases a selection of inspiring project ideas and examples of recent projects created by Craftfoam customers.  Meanwhile, customers can keep up to date with the latest product news, special offers and project tutorials by following the company on Twitter   Follow @PanelSystemsUK

For more information about Craftfoam, visit their website at www.craftfoam.co.uk or telephone 0114 249 5626.