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Rockfon Ceilings provide Colourful and Acoustic solutions to new Heartlands Academy

Rockfon Ceilings provide Colourful and Acoustic solutions to new Heartlands Academy

Students and staff at Heartlands Academy, Birmingham, have a brand new £20 million state-of-the-art school building; which is part of the Birmingham ‘Building Schools for the future’ programme. ROCKFON ceiling and wall solutions were specified throughout for their visual appeal and performance characteristics, and to help achieve compliance with BB93 guidelines.


Archial Group, Architect and Lead Designer for the Academy, produced the specification collaboratively with Lend Lease, specifying quality materials from trusted suppliers. Lead Architect, Elly Loach explained, “Each area within the building had differing requirements, including acoustic performance, aesthetics and humidity resistance. ROCKFON’s extensive range of affordable products enabled us to find solutions for all of these.”

The main design inspiration for the atrium was the iconic TV test screen image. Rockfon Color-all acoustic wall absorbers in colours: plaster, concrete, black and chilli red were installed together with Rockfon Contour baffles. These created striking visual impact and defined the double height space.

The Rockfon Color-all wall absorbers work with the baffles to control the amount of reverberation in the open atrium and help to reduce reverberation time and improve the ambient sound level – essential requirements for large open spaces.

The Color-All range offers 34 colours for acoustic ceiling and wall solutions. Along with its superior smooth surface and matt finish, they inspire any interior design scheme and create an elegant look. Color-all allows architects and interior designers the freedom to create their own, personal and stunning designs thanks to the exposed, semi-concealed and concealed edges in a large variety of module sizes.

The Rockfon Contour is a frameless, baffle offering a minimalist look underlined by an elegant bevel and its smooth white surface ensures good light reflection. The baffles were hung from the ceiling as the walls were being used for display purposes and provided enhanced sound absorption to the double height space.

Sound control was a must for the music classrooms. Rockfon Sonar B tiles meet the highest sound regulations and were installed to help control reverberation and prevent unwanted sound transference to adjacent rooms. The Sonar tiles were directly fixed to the existing ceiling making them very quick and easy to install. They also offer a unique combination of highest fire safety (Class A1) and Class A sound absorption.

Scholar ceiling tiles were installed throughout the circulation areas at the Academy. The visible side of these robust tiles have a micro-textured white reinforced fleece which provides good impact resistance and its durable edges remain intact even when removed and reinstalled regularly. Scholar complies with BB93 Acoustics for Schools to create appropriate reverberation times for classrooms and learning spaces.

To meet the high sanitation standards required in the kitchen areas Rockfon Hygienic tiles were chosen. Hygienic tiles were specifically developed to meet the exacting standards of hygienic areas and feature a specially painted white surface which incorporates a fungicide to repel water and dirt. The durable surface can also withstand essential cleaning pressure washing.

The Principal and the students of Heartlands Academy are very proud of their new building and the contribution it will make to the local community.

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