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Increased Comfort & Energy Reduction

Client:  Claridges Hotel – Davis Penthouse  

Claridge’s is one of the most iconic 5 star hotels in Mayfair, giving customers a chance to experience a world of design and flawless service and comfort.

During the summer months it was noticeable that the air conditioning for the Davis Penthouse was continually on to help with keeping the room at a comfortable temperature for any guest staying.  This then would have an impact of air conditioning costs for the Hotel

To help reduce the use of the air conditioning and ultimately reduce energy cost, Environmental Control Films were appointed to help control the suites increased temperatures during the summer months.

“It was important to get the balance of temperature, glare and light control. This was achieved by Environmental Control Films installing E Clear 70 solar control window film, helping to reduce the internal temperature by up to 4% without any dramatic effect on light levels.

Environmental Control Films prides itself on ensuring that the right products are chosen to best suit the customer’s requirements. Our expertise in this field, together with our high levels of project management, ensures that our customers are completely satisfied with the service given to them.

Increased Comfort & Energy Reduction 1
Claridges – Davies Penthouse Sitting Room
Claridges – Brook Penthouse Bedroom

The Properties of Reflective Solar Control Films

■ Excellent solar heat rejection  .43%

■ Helps reduce glare

■ Reduces load on air conditioning

■ Cuts energy use for cooling.

■ Reduces ‘greenhouse gas emissions

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