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Two honeymoon log cabins within the luxury wedding venue, The Vu in West Lothian, are reaping the rewards of renewable energy, following the installation of two Danfoss DHP-AT air source heat pumps.


The new build cottages each host an 8kW unit, used for heating and domestic hot water. The owners were recommended the system via Danfoss approved installer Eco Coil Heating, following months of research into other heating systems.

Importing the craftsmanship from Canada, the log cabins were built specifically for wedding couples, providing a quiet and luxurious retreat. Both cabins are highly insulated, 80m2 with one bedroom and one bathroom (one shower, one bath) and feature underfloor heating throughout.

The DHP-AT air source heat pumps provide all the heating and hot water requirements for the properties and are also used for cooling during warm periods.

Robert McLeary, the owner of the luxury wedding venue said: “We chose an air source heat pump for multiple reasons: the main one being the payback period of 18 months. The long-term efficiencies and simple installation were also key variables.

“After researching other heating systems, such as LPG, oil, solar and ground source heat pumps, Eco Coil Heating recommended the DHP-AT: a small, unobtrusive unit that was quick to install. Eco Coil Heating worked in the evenings and around our business needs too: meaning that we did not lose revenue during site works.

“Now that the heat pumps are up and running, we have found that they are very quiet and they are exceeding our expectations, especially with hot water production: the temperature is excellent and there is plenty produced too!”

Steve Craig, Eco Coil Heating commented:  “The Vu was an ideal venue for a heat pump. Other heating options were available, but we did not want to dig up the beautiful landscaped surroundings due to wedding commitments that the venue had. A biomass system would have meant adding a pellet store inside each log cabin, reducing the amount of space available, an Oil or LPG system was not an option as we did not want Mr McLeary bringing in Oil/LPG tanks to this serene location.”

“The DHP-AT was a perfect fit: it is discrete, quiet and the controls can be locked so that the clients using the suites do not change the heat curve and the efficiencies.”

The DHP-AT range consists of two affordable heat pumps – 6kW and 8kW models, which are ideal for small homes or developments where a sustainable form of heating is required.

The modern attractive DHP-AT air source units feature a compact, space-saving design and provide energy efficient space heating, hot water and cooling for smaller-scale properties.

The new energy efficient DHP-AT heat pump works well in cold winter weather – down to -15oC – to deliver a consistently comfortable indoor environment and constant hot water. This is possible because state-of-the-art defrosting technology ensures the energy efficiency and full functionality of the heat pump even in low temperatures.

Like all Danfoss’ heat pumps, the new DHP-AT consists of an outdoor unit, containing the heat pump and an indoor control panel.   The DHP-AT range features a contemporary, stylish design which means it is a subtle addition to a building.

Chris Dale, Director of Danfoss Heat Pumps, explains: “The DHP-AT offers an affordable domestic air source solution whereby the user benefits from a highly efficient heating and hot water system, whilst also minimizing carbon emissions.”

Eco Coil Heating Ltd can be contacted on: 01698 710439 or alternatively visit the website at www.ecocoilheating.co.uk.

For wedding bookings, events or more details on The Vu wedding venue can be contacted on: 01506 630 808 or alternatively visit the website at www.thevu.co.uk.

For more information contact Danfoss Ltd on: 0114 2703 900 or visit the website www.heatpumps.danfoss.co.uk.