Specifier Review

Kemperol delivers a factory finish

The advanced chemistry of Kemper System’s innovative Kemperol V210 cold liquid-applied waterproofing membrane will help ensure efficient manufacture of fluorochemicals and fluoropolymer materials thanks to a roof refurbishment project at AGC Chemicals in Lancashire.

AGC Chemicals is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of fluorochemicals and fluoropolymer materials, and its production plant not only requires a dry environment on the inside but also needs a durable roof surface on the outside to accommodate regular footfall from maintenance staff.

The concrete slab roofs on two production site buildings at AGC Chemicals had asphalt surfaces that were widely failing with a potential risk of leaking into the building below.  This was evident by patches of blistering.  Moreover, the seal around a number of redundant roof lights had also failed so AGC opted to refurbish the roofs as part of a general upgrade to the buildings and Kemperol V210, a cold liquid-applied waterproofing membrane from Kemper System, was chosen as a solution that could be applied quickly with minimum remediation to provide a tough, flexible and long lasting surface.


Castle Contractors Ltd stripped away the existing loose material before making good the failed areas using Kemper System’s ‘D’ Primer to prepare the surface; flooding the areas where the old substrate had been removed with special resins and graded fillers to create an even surface. The contractor then applied Kemper System’s Kemperol V210, a fleece reinforced resin based waterproofing system which cures to create a seamless, elastomeric, membrane that is durable enough to withstand regular footfall from maintenance teams and that also has an effective working life in excess of 25 years.


Comments Mark Atherton from Castle Contractors: “The original roof was in a poor state of repair and contained a wide range of roof details, including boxed off redundant roof lights and a brick parapet wall. By using the Kemperol system, we were able to apply a new waterproof membrane with minimal preparation of the existing substrate and could seamlessly apply the new membrane to the exact contours of the details on the roof for excellent leak-free waterproofing integrity.”

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