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New homogeneous vinyl flooring transforms industry’s gold

New homogeneous vinyl flooring transforms industry’s gold

International manufacturer Gerflor is redefining the industry’s performance benchmark for homogeneous vinyl flooring.

By combining the renowned hard-wearing Mipolam range with its new, patented Evercare™ surface treatment, Gerflor is unveiling a sheet vinyl floor which has:

• unparalleled stain resistance to blood and chemicals, including iodine;

• the best slip resistance in its field;

• astonishingly low maintenance;

• unique environmental credentials.

When a product is so much better than what has gone before, sometimes the best way is for potential customers to see the evidence for themselves.

Richard Hackett, Gerflor UK’s head of Retail, agreed an order with a national company after a startling demonstration to senior staff. He explained: “I was demonstrating the new range for the first time to a client. I poured some iodine on Mipolam Cosmo treated with Evercare™ and another, industry standard, homogeneous flooring, left it for five minutes and came back and it was astonishing: we simply wiped it off the Mipolam sample, but the other one was ruined. The customer made up his mind there and then. We say it’s resistant to iodine and other chemicals, but you really have to see for yourself the difference it makes.”

Mipolam’s range can be specified in general public areas, schools, offices, indoor leisure centres, factory floors and storage areas, hospital wards and corridors, ‘clean rooms’ and computer suites requiring an aseptic environment. as a versatile solution for refurbishments and new build projects.

Gerflor Mipolam Evercare
Gerflor Mipolam Evercare

The use of Evercare™ with anti-bacterial and fungicidal treatments allows blood and chemical stains, including iodine, to be easily and hygienically removed with a mop and water with a dash of mild detergent such as washing up liquid. Evercare™ also provides excellent scratch and scuff resistance and no waxing or polishing is needed during the product’s lifetime, ensuring cost savings on maintenance time and materials

The impact of Evercare™ surface treatment on Mipolam’s slip resistance performance is remarkable: subjected to the industry-standard pendulum test the flooring set new standards in the laboratory.

Gerflor Technical Services Manager Andy Sedman said: “It is difficult to offer slip resistance with smooth homogeneous vinyl, however Mipolam attained the level of ≥36 in the pendulum test, giving low potential for slips.

“That’s of massive benefit because there’s now a legal requirement for all owners of commercial and public buildings to carry out a risk assessment for slippery floors.

“The other point to make is that Evercare™ doesn’t deteriorate so the slip performance remains constant during the product’s lifespan.”

The Mipolam range of compacted future-proof flooring is divided into five products: Mipolam Symbioz™; Mipolam Esprit; Mipolam Elegance; Mipolam Cosmo; and Mipolam Troplan. Collectively, there are 101 new colour references from the bright and bold to sober and sophisticated, incorporating directional and nondirectional patterns for maximum design flexibility. All suitable for heavy, or normal to heavy use, the flagship Mipolam Symbioz™ has a product life-expectancy of more than 20 years, while the product’s directional stability means it resists indentation from static weights, or rucking from heavy moving loads.

While Mipolam’s performance has been revolutionised by the addition of Evercare™, the flooring itself has also been changed to make it lighter in weight, and therefore easier to install, and more environmentally friendly.

While the whole range is 100 per cent recyclable, the environmental improvements are most marked in Mipolam Symbioz™. Designed to be environmentally friendly at every step of the process, Mipolam Symbioz™ is now 100 per cent bio-degradable, because Gerflor’s research scientists have replaced the chemicals [Phthalates] used in the plasticizers which make the flooring flexible with a cereal-based solution.

Andy Sedman explains: “Plasticizers have always had a bad name, but if you can achieve Phthalates-free plasticizers, that’s brilliant and we have succeeded in making it out of wheat which makes it completely biodegradable. In my opinion Symbioz™ has the best environmental qualities on the market, because it’s the only one containing bio-plasticizer.”

With very low VOC emissions and HSE requisite fire-safety standards, most of the range is available in tiles, as well as sheet format.

Gerflor Mipolam Evercare
Gerflor Mipolam Evercare

Richard Hackett added: “This product is a gold standard in terms of its performance and easy maintenance, thanks to the revolutionary Evercare™ surface treatment.”

If you want to see Mipolam’s stunning performance for yourself, learn more about Gerflor solutions, ask for a free sample or speak to a specialist, call today on 01926 622 600, email contractuk@gerflor.com, or visit www.gerflor.co.uk for the latest innovations.