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Cooper Security’s new suite of products raises the bar

Cooper Security’s new suite of products raises the bar

Cooper Security, a business unit of diversified power management company Eaton, has announced the introduction of a new series of devices for quick and easy installation in the widest variety of applications. As part of the company’s industry leading Scantronic and Menvier brands, these innovative access control monitors, keypads, communicators and control panels achieve the best in class standards of operation due to their highly functional and intuitive designs.

As part of the Scantronic range, which is specifically designed for small to medium sized installations, the AX300 access control and environmental monitoring system builds on the success of the popular AX200. Available in a single box, it includes a power supply as standard with an optional back up battery to provide continued operation in the event of a mains failure. In order to offer fully networked functionality it can connect to a PC over a TCP network connection, helping to facilitate quick updates of individual controllers.


Able to support up to 4,000 cards, 128 time zones and 4,000 transactions, all of which can all be stored locally, additional AX300s can be easily added to the system as a result of plug and play technology. It is available in two variants – the ACC-AX300 comprises a controller and power supply, while the ACC-AX300MP-B is offered with two additional black mini-readers and 10 proximity cards.

Modern keypads must be unobtrusive, robust and match the decor of their environments. The Scantronic KEY-K01, KEY-KP01 and KEY-KPZ01 keypads have been formulated with this in mind and boast stylish and discreet designs. What’s more, they can also be uniquely customised to an individual company’s brand using inserts that are available via Cooper Security’s online print-on-demand service due for release in September 2013.

The three keypads offer a choice of proximity, non-proximity or proximity with zones. The proximity keypads have connections for an external reader – the KEY-EP – that complements the internal functionality and further enhances the user experience. To add even greater flexibility to the KEY-KPZ01, the option of having two zones on-board for even faster connection of zones is also available.

Cooper Security’s ongoing commitment to act upon the feedback gained through the customer consultation exercises it carries out is exemplified in the Scantronic i-on30EXL and i-on30EXDL communicators.

Incorporating all the technology that installers have become familiar with from this successful product set, there is now the option of a larger i-on50 style end station for the i-on30EXL, while the i-on30EXD is also available as the i-on30EXDL. Cooper Security will, of course, continue to supply the smaller end station variants for situations where installation space is limited.

Last but certainly not least, the ever-popular Menvier range has been expanded with the introduction of the Menvier30, a Grade 2, 30 zone control panel. Fitting perfectly into the existing Menvier40/100/300 family, it is supplied with the same end station and also uses the same peripherals and programming style.

However, the Menvier30 also offers unrivalled levels of functionality thanks to a plethora of ground-breaking features. The Menvier 30 also offers unrivalled levels of functionality.  These include semi-automatic addressing, which prevents address duplication for bus-mounted devices, thus saving hours of installation and diagnostic time. Convenience is also factored in with the expander locator, as with a press of a button the product emits a tone to help locate a device – something that will prove especially useful for installers that are new to a property. Installer sessions can also be transferred from one keypad to another, which is particularly useful for bigger sites, while an unparalleled radio range is also achievable if expanders are used.

To celebrate the introduction of these pioneering products, installers can purchase a special launch kit for a limited time only – the Menvier30KPZ – which comprises the Menvier30 and KEY-KPZ01 keypad.

Orlaith Palmer, marketing manager at Cooper Security, commented, ‘We take the comments and feedback we receive from our valued installation partners incredibly seriously, and I’m delighted that we have been able to incorporate the flexibility and functionality that they so clearly demand within these state-of-the-art products. I’m confident that these features will offer them significant time saving and operational benefits during their day-to-day activities.’