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New Planning Guidelines Make Green Roofs A”No-Brainer”

RIEFA is a development of an insulation product made by Riefa Fornatec, based in Reitburg, Germany.  The mission of the company was produce a hi-tech yet sustainable insulation product, initially for the sound proofing of doors.  Continued research and development led the company to manufacture granular formats for loft insulation and cavity fill, and has further developed into the production of wall insulation batts.

The RIEFA boards are made from a mixture of tree bark, rye flour and other materials which are understandably kept a closely guarded secret, and the key to the efficiency of the product is the production process and mixture ratio of it’s ingredients. The raw materials are sourced from sustainable suppliers across Europe, and are then processed at the factory.


The insulation boards are of 40mm thickness, and for installation in harsh environments, a staggered layer of 18mm boards is required. Riefa roof boards are 100% organic, low in profile, 36 mm, light in weight – 36kgs per m2 when fully saturated, including the sedum layer. Riefa is ideal for retro fitting due to it’s weight and low profile advantages. Due to the lightness of the boards the installation time is extremely quick and can be undertaken by one person. The system does not require any filter fleeces, drainage layers or granular fill.


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