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Inta’s new Enzo range fuses style with good sense

Inta’s new Enzo range fuses style with good sense

Anti-scald tap, shower and valve manufacturer, Inta, has launched a stylish new range of showers that give users the opportunity to save energy without compromising on the ultimate showering experience.

With the option for 6, 8 or 12 litres per minute flow regulation, Inta’s Enzo offering gives users the flexibility to tailor their shower’s water usage, helping them cut the costs of their energy bills without limiting its performance.

All showers in the range feature Inta’s anti-scald thermostatic cartridge technology, as well as being designed with a safe touch body to completely remove the threat of scalding.

The Enzo range is also visually striking, comprising Inta’s new ‘Applewhite’ finish soakers and ecoair handsets, for a stylish look. Functionality doesn’t end there, with Fast fit brackets supplied as standard.

Enzo -Applewhite Heads

Stuart Gizzi, managing director at Inta, said: “Our newest addition not only ups the style stakes, its ecoair handset gives users the power to make real savings in the bathroom. The Enzo range means it’s easy to make bathrooms look better and work harder.”

For more information on the Enzo range, or any other Inta product, visit www.intatec.co.uk or call 01889 272 180.