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Benefits of Riefa Green Roofs

Benefits of Riefa Green Roofs

Why Riefa Green Roofs?

Riefa – Suitable for new or existing roofs

RIEFA is totally organic and contains only natural material. It can be composted or disposed of safety.

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The image above shows the Riefa® Board prototype green roof that was planted over ten years ago. As you can see the roof still looks beautiful after a decade. It is self sustaining, maintenance free and still working as well as the day it was laid. Riefa® Board is an economical and ultra light weight, easily manageable roof greening system that requires no specialist skills to install or maintain. It’s a low profile, low weight, low maintenance, low cost material that is revolutionary in the field of living roofs. Some of Riefa® Boards’ main benefits include:

Easily Retrofit a Riefa® Green Roof to Existing Flat & Pitched Roofs

Due to the ultra light weight of Riefa® Board they are ideal for turning any existing roof into a green roof. Unlike any other roof greening system the Riefa® system dispenses with thick layers of heavy substrate. This is key to the ability of the boards and sedum layer to sit quite comfortably on an existing structure without the need for additional structural strengthening or support. At last the U.K. finally has a ‘one size fits all’ green roofing system that really works.

Save Energy, Save Cash and Help Save The Sky

A Riefa® green roof acts as an additional thermal insulation layer reducing heat loss in the winter and reducing the need for air-conditioning in the summer. Thereby ultimately reducing energy costs and the building’s carbon footprint. It’s not just the building’s CO2 emissions that will be lower though, a green roof will actually absorb CO2, some green house gases, pollutants and dust partials from the air.

Sound Insulation

A Riefa® Board green roofing system has a natural sound deadening effect. The growing medium reduces sound levels by absorbing sound energy. This makes Riefa® Board an ideal product to specify when you are working to reduce the effects of a high external noise environment when working on projects such as nursing homes, home office extensions or any inner-city development. It is also a fantastic product to use when the elimination of sound trespass is critical – for example recording studios and audiology departments.

Improved Biodiversity

A Riefa® living roof provides an additional wildlife habitat for a huge, diverse array of microscopic living creatures. This increase of local biodiversity helps to improve the natural ecological spectrum. With natural habitats for our countries microscopic eco-systems vanishing so rapidly, a green roof is one small way of helping to redress this balance.

Extends the Life of the Existing Roof

Adding a Riefa® green roofing system to you property will prolong the life of the roof it is laid upon by up to three times. It manages this startling feat by adding a protective layer that shelters the roof from the harsh seasonal elements. It also shields the roof from the relentless onslaught of damaging U.V. radiation which acts to break down the structure of conventional roofs. Rather than being damaged by the U.V light, the plants thrive on it.

Simple Installation

A Riefa® living roof has a very speedy workup as the vegetation blanket arrives on-site in rolls ready to lay. The Riefa® Boards are very light weight and easy to handle. They are also made with sustainable natural materials that are completely non-toxic. Prepare the area to be roofed, lay the Riefa® Boards in an even layer over the area, then simply roll the sedum matting over the Riefa® Boards and water in. Simple. As the sedum matting arrives on-site pre-grown (around 85% finished) the result is as striking as it is fast. A stunning full colour, living roof from day one.

Storm Water Management

A Riefa® green roofs provide storm water management by retaining water and reducing rain-water run off by up to 50%. The water that does make it through a Riefa® green roof into the drainage system also benefits from the filtration effect that the sedum and vegetation provides. This has the fantastic effect of reducing lead, copper, cadmium, zinc, nitrogen and other impurities that flow off into rain sewers and the surrounding rivers. This will contribute to any (SUDS) Sustainable Urban Drainage Schemes running in your local area.

A Quick Visual Comparison

The diagram below gives an indication of one of the major benefits to using the Riefa® Board system when specifying a green roof system. To say that Riefa® Board has a lower profile than existing roof greening systems is a major understatement.

Benefits of Riefa Green Roofs 1


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