Specifier Review

The Riefa® Green Roofing System at the Barbican

When Indoor Garden Design needed to find a way to realise the garden installations they had planned there was one company they turned to for help – Riefa. Indoor Garden Design knew that the unique set of challenges that they faced could only be easily address with one product, Riefa Board. Having seen us first hand at EcoBuild in 2009 (where we took a prize in the Green Shoots catagory) they knew Riefa Board was what they wanted as their solution.

Together we helped Indoor Garden Design create their four stunning pieces of art. Riefa Board’s unique properties meant that it was possible to create the stable, sustainable growing medium required for this project. Riefa Board is fast to install, easy to work with, light weight and most importantly it has a versatility not seen in any other roof greening system. This is why the world renowned artist Agnes Denes demanded Riefa Board when she re-created the Wheat Field piece at The Barbican in London. The Wheat Field was originally formed at Batersby Park, Manhattan. Enjoy looking at the creative work from the mind of Agnes Dene, then ask yourself this; where will Riefa Board allow you to take your creative mind?

The Riefa® Green Roofing System at the Barbican 1

This installation – The Mound – presented the unique challenges of  finding a medium comfortable with both extreme angles and an extreme growing environment. Reifa Board made the solution to these challenges simple. A  Polystyrene mound was especially made, this was easily covered with moistened Reifa Board, as Reifa Board’s water retention properties enabled it to curve over even the sharpest angles of the mound. With a stable growing medium in place the  mound was simply finished with various grasses and happily survived without any further treatment, substrate or maintenance. Beautiful.

The Riefa® Green Roofing System at the Barbican 2

The concept for The Terrace Meadow was simple. Take an area that was dead and grey and breathe full living colour into that area. Again Reifa Board was specified to help bring this idea to life. Being easy to work with but without any compromise being made to the end result means Reifa Board was a perfect choice. This installation is a green meadow roof laid on an existing paved roof terrace. The installation was visible from the overlooking exhibition in the Barbican gallery.

The Terrace Meadow was laid with Reifa Boards then a wildflower and meadow mix matting placed on top. You too could turn your  grey, dead spaces that you overlook into a living, breathing creations very easily with Reifa Board.

The Riefa® Green Roofing System at the Barbican 3

The Inner-City Wheat Field. A wheat field in Dalston, London, presented the most interesting, and complex set of challenges. Reifa and Indoor Garden Design managed to re-create a wheat field that was originally formed at Batersby Park, Manhattan, New York for the artist Agnes Dean in a tiny time-frame. Two layers of Reifa Board were laid and covered with a light scattering of top soil. The wheat was hand picked and delivered from Southport to site, there was just 48 hours to hand plant the 3,500 individual ears into the vast 240m2 area! Speed was paramount if the wheat was to stay alive. Reifa Board made the transplantation and re-rooting process a snip. The wheat didn’t just survive, it continued to grow and thrive until it was eventually harvested!

The Riefa® Green Roofing System at the Barbican 4

You can enjoy stunning results like these when you specify Reifa Board for your greening projects.

The Field in a Shed sounds like a complete oxymoron. But that’s exactly what Reifa Board helped to create. Imagine a shed with the inside walls lined with highly polished mirrors. The floor of the structure was contoured and then covered with Reifa Board. The Reifa Board easily absorbing the curves due to it’s highly shape-able properties. Grass was then laid on top of the Reifa Board.

On entering the shed and closing the door, the mirrors and the Reifa Board sustained grass create the illusion of an infinite grassland stretching out in every direction. A breathtaking use of a stunningly versatile product. A seemingly limitless space created with Reifa Board. A product with seemingly limitless possibilities.