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Follow Flowcrete to Fix Your Floors

Follow Flowcrete to Fix Your Floors

Global resin flooring specialists Flowcrete have launched a new blog as part of their drive to share expert knowledge with the construction industry.

The site has been designed to become a go-to educational hub for all things resin flooring, with regular posts to quickly provide the reader with the latest information, news and advice. You’ll also find descriptions of past Flowcrete projects that illustrate the challenges, options, products and techniques relevant to different industries and constructions.

Anyone with queries about resin flooring can ask Dr Flowcrete – an online persona designed to answer questions about anything from floor specification and installations to fixing failing floors. He’s available on Twitter as @dr_flowcrete.

Flowcrete’s web presence also involves providing a wealth of information on their company website, from basic overviews through to highly technical specifications, as well as informative white papers covering specific issues and industries.

If you prefer to consume industry information via LinkedIn you can get all Flowcrete’s updates as well as case studies and technical advice by following their company page.