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There’s thin and then there’s Histoglass MONO

There’s thin and then there’s Histoglass MONO


With many years of experience in the manufacture of glazing systems for historic windows, we have developed a new product range which addresses the particular difficulties of upgrading the insulation in Georgian Windows or frames with very small rebates: Histoglass MONO Systems.

MONO Cylinder

No edge seals and very similar installation to that of conventional single glazing.


Mono Laminate is a laminated system with great acoustic and thermal performance which also offers superb safety standards and can be supplied with genuine Hand Drawn or Cylinder glass. MONO RT+ is an exciting ground-breaking development in glazing for period properties. This single pane system is made from 4mm toughened Hand Drawn Glass with a U-value of 3.6. MONO RT+ fits into the smallest existing rebates and has a similar weight to existing single glazing so original pulleys and weights can be kept.

Histoglass MONO Systems are a natural addition to the Histoglass Thin Double Glazing range, which enables us to offer insulating glazing of the highest quality for period and listed properties.

For more information on the Histoglass product range or to see more photography of this project, please go to www.histoglass.co.uk or call 01423 500 844