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Intelli Heat electric radiator

Intelli Heat – the new generation of electric heating

Electric radiators have developed significantly in recent years. These days, they are extremely reliable units which offer a range of benefits to the home owners who use them to heat their properties.

By giving careful thought to both the size and placement of each individual electric radiator, the homeowner is able to benefit from maximum flexibility and ultimate control – something often missing from the alternative solutions.

By having individual Intelli Heat electric radiators in each room, specific temperatures can be chosen to ensure maximum comfort and minimal fuss. This also makes for significant cost savings, as no energy is wasted in heating rooms that aren’t being used at the time. Furthermore, settings can be adjusted to reduce energy bills when necessary.

Intelli Heat’s flexibility is complemented with the inclusion of a modern programmable thermostat, which can be used to customise the system to work in harmony with the lifestyle of an individual or family. With these digital thermostats, the Intelli Heat electric radiators can be set to work around a predetermined time schedule. This, however, can be manually overridden when necessary.

Intelli Heat electric radiator

One of the main reasons the popularity of Intelli Heat electric radiators has grown at such a rate is the simplicity of installation. Many people choose to use them because there is no need for any re-wiring or pipework. On top of this, the property owner isn’t required to install a new boiler or think about special ventilation or fume evacuation measures.

As well as simple installation, Intelli Heat electric radiators are easy to maintain – with most requiring  no attention. Intelli Heat simply use mains power and can be cleaned easily when required. The rise in popularity has also led many suppliers to start offering more aesthetically pleasing designs. As well as being functional, Intelli Heat electric radiators are designed to complement the surroundings they will be placed in. Many are offered in slim-line varieties, too, to ensure space isn’t encroached on.

Intelli Heat offers a number of practical benefits and are, therefore, set to continue rising in popularity. They provide a cost-effective, flexible, fully controllable solution to those who are looking to heat their homes with minimal fuss.