easi-joists® - best performance, less cost

easi-joists® – best performance, less cost

It’s not often that a product considered ‘best’ in its field delivers everything you could hope for in performance whilst also driving down costs. The easi-joist® system from Wolf Systems is one such example. Widely acknowledged to be the best performing product of its type, it delivers a whole host of design benefits with the added advantage of reducing supplier costs.

Paul Flounders, Wolf Systems Business Development Manager explains what makes the easi-joist® system the easier route to lower costs.

As relative latecomers to the metal-web market around a decade ago, Wolf Systems was able to gauge the performance of conventional metal-webs available at that time and, leaning on its technical know how, devise an innovative product that from the outset set out to ‘better the best’ performance-wise.

easi-joists® are parallel cord trusses using stress-graded timber cords, plated together with Wolf Systems’ patented, precision engineered metal-webs – the strongest complete range of metal-webs available on the market.

Exhaustive testing enabled Wolf to produce a web with a patented profile that, to this day, continues to give the company the edge, right where it matters most – joist span. With increased clear span and load bearing capacity in floor, roof or wall applications and a services-friendly open web construction, easi-joists® offer outstanding performance characteristics; and better performance impacts on all aspects of a project, from ease of design, through to manufacturing savings.

Better performing webs provide a simpler, quicker design path, reducing hold-ups and delivering quick results and effective joist designs. In addition, the improved performance can lead to a reduction of the number of webs in a design.

Being intrinsically stronger, easi-joists® optimise timber volume, thereby significantly reducing supplier costs. Single-ply joists can be used where typically, multi-ply would have been necessary or maximise joist spacing to give the most competitive overall floor cost. The need for fewer webs and less timber delivers an automatic advantage when competing for business against competitor systems.

Fast facts

  • easi-joist® patented metal-webs are certified through European technical approval.
  • Design comparisons show a market leading performance across joist depths.
  • easi-joists® are available in sizes to suit the depth of solid joists and range from 195 to 417mm.
  • easi-joist® beams are suitable for domestic, commercial or industrial builds.

For further information, please visit www.wolfsystem.co.uk or call 02476 602303.

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