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StayClean Glass

Coram’s innovative Glass options for NEW Premier Range

Premium British manufacturer of quality shower enclosures, showertrays and bathscreens, Coram Showers, triumphs its exclusive StayClean Glass, available across its entire range of enclosures and bath-screens. The creator behind this highly innovative and unique glass treatment, Coram Showers can proudly boast that its StayClean Glass showering solutions make for easier cleaning and between 50% and 70% less often.

Coram’s finest toughened safety glass is treated with a microscopically thin coating which is applied to the inside of the glass, creating a permanent protective layer. Preventing the build-up of limescale and grime, Coram Showers StayClean Glass treatment is crystal clear and will never peel or flake. When applied, the molecules of the coating and the glass bond together to create a protective layer 80,000 times thinner than a human hair!

IGA (Intelligent Glass Application) is another revolutionary step Coram has taken to ensure faster, easier installation, allowing it to reduce the weight of the glass. 8mm glass is used, where required, but thinner, lighter weight glass is used in Coram Showers curved and bi-fold doors, where heavier 8mm glass would do nothing to increase the rigidity or strength. Most of the glass used in application for luxury cars is less than 4mm thick for the same reasons, making Coram’s thoughtful design and practice a great way to minimise product waste and environmental impact.

Coram offers a vast choice of size, height and configuration to complete your ideal shower room, with the option to use single or multiple glass panel combinations. For the height of privacy, opt for Coram Showers stylish collection of satin or modesty glass panels as this will add extra seclusion whilst showering.

Premier Tri fold Enclosure with Modesty Glass
Premier Tri fold Enclosure with Modesty Glass
StayClean Glass
Coram Showers – Modesty Panel

Coram’s StayClean Glass in more detail:

  • Glass: Treated with silicon dioxide to create an anti-bond barrier increasing its resistance to dirt and grime
  • I.G.A: Intelligent Glass Application to save unnecessary weight with thickness – from 8mm to 4mm
  • Strong: Toughened Safety Glass – Approved to BS EN 12150 – 1:20000
  • Finishes: 3 different glass options;

– Plain Glass

– Satin Glass (fully opaque)

– Modesty Panels

These innovative glass options are available across all corner, alcove and stand alone enclosures;

  • Square
  • Rectangular
  • Pentagon
  • Quadrants

Designed and built in Britain, Coram is the preferred choice for fast and easy shower installation. Offering an extensive range of easy-fit features, Coram Showers proudly boasts its new Premier shower enclosures and shower trays can be fitted as a one person install, in only an hour! To find out which Coram product is the right bathroom solution for you, visit the new look website www.coram.co.uk and let the high-tech makeover do some of the work for a change.

Download Coram’s NEW App:

CoramAppDesigned specifically to aid the commercial market, this ‘App’

is available for download to any Apple and Android device.

Just type ‘Coram Showers’ into your search engine.

Coram Showers Ltd – Tel: 01746 766466 or visit www.coram.co.uk

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