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Blackfriars' stunning "Miner on the Moon" building is clad in Sterling OSB

Blackfriars’ stunning “Miner on the Moon” building is clad in Sterling OSB

Celebrated artist Alex Chinneck’s latest amazing project “Miner on the Moon” is a remarkable upside down house in London. The last one was his sliding house in Margate – http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2440080/Margate-sliding-house-created-artist-Alex-Chinneck.html.


Just south of Blackfriars Bridge, the project was completed as the finale to Merge Festival 2013 and Norbord’s Sterling OSB once again proved invaluable to Alex, a fan of the OSB panel product.

Built in 1780, the site was originally used as livery stables housing horses and carriages for hire.

Alex Chinneck explains “We built the entire structure off the existing building. This involved the erection of a scaffold bolted to the original facade. Onto this scaffold, we installed a grid using 800 metres of timber, which was then clad in 45 sheets of 18mm Norbord OSB3. On the right side of the façade featuring brickwork we then installed an insulation/cladding system. The bricks were sealed so that no water penetrated their surface because the bricks used double in weight when wet.”

He continues “”All architectural features were salvaged except for the windows. The material and aesthetic decisions within the project celebrate the architectural heritage of Southwark and the timeless charm of its fatigued buildings. By presenting a very familiar architectural scenery and narrative in an inverted way, the audience

appreciates the buildings and moments of our daily environments that we allow to slip into our subconscious. The sign (W.H.Wilcox & Co Ltd) is a company founded in 1876 on Southwark Street a few minutes’ walk from the site. After being dissolved in 1986, I found their enamel signage earlier this year in a reclamation yard in Wales and this sign initiated the mood for the work.”

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