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GreenSpec Celebrates Climate Week with New Green Building Website

GreenSpec Celebrates Climate Week with New Green Building Website

GreenSpec, the foremost ‘Green Building’ resource in the UK has been celebrating Climate Week (3-9 March, 2014) by launching its new website portal which went live on Wednesday 5th March at 9am.

Designed to promote sustainable building products, materials and construction techniques to both design professionals and the self-build audience, the GreenSpec web portal www.greenspec.co.uk features a raft of new exciting interactive design tools to aid specification of Green products.

Originally developed from a joint government-funded project with BRE in 2003, the new redesigned GreenSpec website has been developed to help make identification and specification of green products even easier. Featuring a simple, clean design the new website helps specifiers to easily navigate around the raft of technical information on the website so that they can quickly find exactly the data they need. For instance, new links from sustainable products to design features and vice versa will allow website visitors to benefit from all relevant information on specifying and designing with a particular product.

Written by specifiers, for specifiers, the content and layout of the new GreenSpec website has been specifically designed to meet project demands. Therefore an exciting new design feature of the site is the ability for design professionals and selfbuilders to create an individual profile and project folders. This facility lets specifiers save relevant product and design information from the GreenSpec site within their individual project folders, thus allowing them easy access to all relevant data needed when they come to specify a building by simply logging onto the site.

In addition, specifiers will now be able to review sustainable construction products that appear on the GreenSpec website. This will allow design professionals and self-builders to share good practice and help guide other specifiers regarding selecting the correct product for individual applications. Meanwhile, manufacturers will also benefit from the reviews since they will be able to see market response to individual products and use this information in future product designs. Only registered website users will be able to review products and the reviews will be moderated by GreenSpec.

“We are very excited to be launching GreenSpec’s new website during Climate Week. At GreenSpec we are always striving to help to drive the construction industry towards more sustainable forms of construction. We believe our new website will help us to reach this goal by making it easier and quicker for specifiers to access and share valuable information on sustainable products, design and construction techniques,” said Sandy Patience, editor of GreenSpec.

Sandy Patience
Sandy Patience, editor of GreenSpec

GreenSpec prides itself on its extensive technical information on sustainable products and its team of expert advisors. The website is continually updated as new technical information becomes available. For instance, the unveiling of the new website coincides with the launch of a new section on cross-laminated timber, a product that is being increasingly specified in the UK.

Already a well-respected online ‘Green’ design resource for the construction industry, GreenSpec identifies, endorses and promotes Green building products providing a toolkit of services to manufacturers, architects and specifiers to leverage the market for Green construction products. Committed to disseminating information on sustainable construction the GreenSpec website features products that have received the GreenSpec PASS. GreenSpec PASS is a third-party endorsement label for outstanding Green building products helping specifiers to distinguish the truly Green from the Greenwash.

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