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Whether in a house, apartment or a hospitality venue such as a hotel , guest house, sports club, etc, everyone who uses the bathroom can be frustrated by having to wipe mirrors clear of steam. There is a very efficient, tried and tested product, originally conceived and manufactured in the UK, the demista™ heated mirror pad. The system is a simple, carbon film element which is maintenance free. The product is adhered to the back of the mirror and connected to the lighting system, so that when the lights are switched on, demistais activated. Should this not be convenient, it can be connected to another suitable switch.

demista is sold around the world and is sought after by architects, specifiers and interior designers for new developments, and refurbishments of hotels, luxury apartments, yachts, including some very unusual locations such as an ice rink ceiling, in the Far East.

With the beginning of an upturn in the house building market, the Company is seeing an increase in demand in this sector and the added luxury of this inexpensive product is a desirable addition to the new home market.

The pads are available in a variety of sizes to suit most mirrors, and if required, can be used in multiples to cover larger and unusually shaped areas. They are safe to use and comply with both UK and international safety standards.

So, finally, there is now an end to the tiresome chore of trying to clear a steam covered mirror, and a product that will keep your mirror forever clear…….demista™ !

Tel: 01932 866600 Email: sales@demista.co.uk

Web: www.demista.co.uk


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