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No Water, No Smells – New Vandal-Resistant Waterless Urinals

No smell waterless urinals finally a reality thanks to Franke Washroom Systems’ exclusive UK distribution of Uridan® urinals.

Franke Washroom Systems, also known as Franke Sissons, has added to its own range of stainless steel washroom and catering products and its solid surface sanitary ware with a range of vandal resistant Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) waterless urinals from Uridan®.

Whilst traditional urinals can waste water, cause maintenance problems and even with the most stringent cleaning regime can be inclined to smell unpleasant, these Uridan® GRP waterless urinals are a no hassle solution that will save water, time and money in all types of commercial washroom builds.

Only available from Franke Washroom Systems in the UK, the Uridan® urinals works without using any water – a single urinal can save approximately 100,000 litres a year. The odour trap in the urinals contains Urilock®, a revolutionary plant-based blocking fluid that is lighter than urine, meaning that the liquid simply passes straight through to the drains without the need for water to flush it away. Urilock® remains on the surface, blocking odours and the pungent ammonia smell that is a problem with traditional urinals and other waterless, cartridge-based urinals.

Cadet Uridan Urinal
Cadet Uridan Urinal

Uridan® urinals come in a choice of styles with several available in a choice of five colours. The range is designed to meet every commercial need.   As well as conventional single wall mounted urinals there is a trough design in a choice of lengths, making them ideal for sports venues, leisure facilities or restaurants. Two models are available from stock; Crew Trough in 1200, 1800 and 2400mm along with the Cadet GRP Pod. The remainder of the range, which is detailed in a new brochure is available to order.

As there is no need for pipework and flushing systems, the urinals are quick and easy to install providing savings on installation costs. Cleaning is quick and simple using Uriclean® spray and the Urilock® liquid is easy to top up. Running costs are kept to a minimum as the Urilock® block fluid lasts for up to 20,000 uses on selected products.

Victoria Himsworth, Product Marketing Manager “Uridan is a high quality product produced in Austria, its proven technology, tried, tested and trusted. We are delighted to be able to offer this pioneering range to all our commercial customers.”

For further information from Franke Washroom Systems, please request a product guide, price list or individual brochure from ws-marketing.gb@franke.com. Follow on Twitter @FrankeSissons.