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New generation amBX GO - Wowing in the new cinema room at The Majik House, from Sun-Light Solutions Ltd

New generation amBX GO – Wowing in the new cinema room at The Majik House, from Sun-Light Solutions Ltd


Sun-Light Solutions delivers the new generation amBX GO Light-Scene Engine, into the fantastic new dedicated cinema room at The Majik House, “It’s the real deal” says Tim Burrow MD of The Majik House!

The Challenge
Award winning home automation specialist The Majik House, well known for creating electric dreams into discerning homes for over 16 years have created a new dedicated cinema room within their wonderful demonstration space in Kirkby Lonsdale, based in the north west of England. Filled with all the latest technologies the room was designed with the new Light-Scene Engine “amBX GO” in mind. The IP based effects driven lighting control system does not disappoint in any way what so ever.

The team wanted to draw the viewers attention to the on screen content and create a more immersive and engaging cinema room, as well as add drama with coloured light to other areas of the environment.

The Solution
As you enter the building based in wonderful countryside, you can see that the attention to detail is of the highest standards. In particular the lighting! A new cornice from Sun-Light Solutions, which carries 13 meters of concealed RGB lighting, sets the mood immediately and follows suit in the stunning bathroom. On the upper floor, the team have collectively created a 7m x 5m dedicated cinema room, the entrance of which is flanked by vertical lighting features.

The room is blessed with a framed 130” wide projection screen, a fantastic JVC 4K projection system and an Arcam audio system all adds to the impact of the experience. The interior design comes into play with acoustically transparent wall coverings that disguise the inbuilt wall speakers. Two cinema seats to the ground level, with a beautiful drinks table and a raised platform to the rear with a further four cinema room seats.

The team cleverly designed concealed diagonal RGB lighting troughs on the ceiling which flow seamlessly into one either side of the screen. Further concealed lighting around the screen, draws the viewers attention to the content, driven from the Kaleidescape media server, with a dynamic “halo” effect around the screen perimeter. At the rear of the room, further acoustically transparent material displays The Majik House logo highlighted perfectly by four in ground RGB lights.


The effects lighting is controlled by integrating the new Light-Scene Engine amBX GO, the IP based DMX lighting control system from the specialist distributor Sun-Light Solutions. The amBX GO now provides everything from a subtle ambience to dynamic entertainment lighting which suits a wide range of occasions including: relaxing; meetings; listening to music or watching the latest blockbuster movie, creating the perfect immersive environment to the high end cinema room.

The Result
The Majik House in Cumbria has well designed layouts and the whole facility is of the highest calibre. The Control4 automation system controls all of the audio visual technology while the amBX Colourscaper app enables the selection of different Light-Scenes from the amBX GO processor to create the right mood at the right moment. This could be a static colour or an ambient scene which beautifully or dynamically massages multiple colours around the space. Where music of choice is playing, an audio to Light-Scene can be selected to match. The room comes alive as the lights dance around the majestical and opulent purple cinema room and as the lights pick up the smartly crafted logo on the rear wall, it appears to transpose into a wonderful 3D effect.

By interacting with the ambient and audio Light-Scenes in the Colourscaper app, the colours can be altered to personal preferences. Select the Dynamic video to Light-Scene and watch as the screen content begins to control the intelligent lighting and offers a truly immersive experience.

Tim Burrow says “The new AMBX GO system has simply integrated into our demonstration rooms and made the experience here at Majik House even more immersive than ever. We now have more control and complete flexibility of our entire environment and are able to match the lighting exactly to the mood and needs of the space”.


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