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David Miller Architects pre-empts email overload problems with Mail Manager

David Miller Architects pre-empts email overload problems with Mail Manager


BIM leader David Miller Architects has pre-empted the threat of email overload by installing Outlook plug-in Oasys Mail Manager. The software tool is the perfect complement to the collaborative work processes that have underpinned the practice’s creative and commercial success.

Email has always been seen as an integral part of the BIM collaborative process at David Miller , and in the past it was shared within the practice using drag and drop Outlook project folders. However, as the number of concurrent live projects grew, the time taken to file and retrieve emails came onto the radar as a potential future problem. At that time, a new member of the team who had used Oasys Mail Manager before, and missed it sorely, introduced the concept. Practice Director Fiona Clark said: “Mail Manager was a perfect fit, but seemed almost too good to be true. However, as it had been developed for Arup, a firm we know and trust, we had complete confidence in it.”

Mail Manager automates email filing into system file folders and, because it learns user behaviour, filing emails and their attachments quickly becomes a prompted one-click operation. Emails are filed instantly in a place where they can be securely shared. “There is no time lag while people might get distracted by a phone call, meeting, or even wait until the end of the day,” said Fiona.

Filing errors are virtually eliminated, and will only occur if the user makes an error. However, even then, the amazing faceted search capabilities will enable team members to find messages in seconds…or less.

“Good storage and retrieval is the platform on which automation and collaboration is based,“ said Fiona Clark. “We now have complete confidence in our mail storage and our ability to retrieve it.”

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