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Carmarthen Country Council finds a way to solve the email management challenge in half a day

Oasys Software Mail Manager adds value to new collaborative IT policy


Carmarthenshire County Council is in the vanguard of the move towards collaborative IT infrastructure that centres on the services it delivers, rather than its own internal organisational structure. With over 9000 staff its one of the largest and most diverse employers in South Wales. So changing its IT culture is no small challenge – but it is one that the Council has stepped up to, with a refreshing ability to test and adopt new ideas.

At the heart of the change is the server architecture that underpins all activity, and a move to a central Council File Plan with all data held on a single central drive. So a move away from personal email folders in Outlook is implicit. Dovetailing neatly with this requirement is Oasys Software’s Mail Manager, an Outlook add-on that files email centrally and logically, automatically de-duplicates attached documents and slashes the time taken to search for attachments, messages or even threads of a few words of correspondence within emails. In one case, for instance, the Property Services team had previously taken four hours to retrieve some information and were approaching a similar task with trepidation: using Mail Manager the search took just 30 seconds!

Set up took jus thald a day and, after an initial and successful pilot, Mail Manager is now being rolled out to the whole 100-strong Technical Services department, and is now also being adopted by the Social Services and corporate finance teams.

Rhys Lewis Business Development & Channel Manager for of Oasys Software commented: “This has been a textbook project to work on because the Council has such a positive mind-set and the flexibility to test new technology. The scalability of Mail Manager meant that they could pilot it quickly and with minimal risk or disruption to ‘business as usual’. Mail Manager really has been a great fit for this local authority in every way.”

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