Specifier Review

Knauf Marmorit render provides smooth finish at Kings Cross Square

Knauf Marmorit’s Pico fine render has created a bright, smooth weatherproof appearance to the canopy of the striking new entrance to the London Underground at King’s Cross Square.

A major element in the King’s Cross Redevelopment Programme, the new 7000 m2 square was designed by architects Stanton Williams and has been constructed following the demolition of the station’s old Southern Concourse, creating the need for the new building to shelter the Underground’s entrance stairs and adjoining retail kiosk.

Some 350 m2 of bright white Pico mineral finish render were applied to the soffits of the building’s roof structure as part of a system which comprised Knauf’s Aquapanel Exterior carrier board fixed to a Protektor suspended system and coated with Knauf Marmorit’s SM700 multi-purpose adhesive and basecoat.

A reinforcing mesh was applied prior to the application of the 0.6 mm grained Pico render finish. Pico is a premixed through-coloured render for smooth textures and fine decorative finishes. Water-repellent, vapour-permeable and weather-resistant, it is available in white or some 230 colours from Knauf Marmorit’s extensive Color Concept range.

The system was applied by Knauf Marmorit approved applicator TJL Plastering, who had to overcome the complexities of working in a busy public space, with some 140,000 people passing through the work site each day, meaning that much of the work had to be carried out at night.

Commenting on the success of the project, TJL owner Tom Lott enthused: “We’ve applied identical systems on a number of high-profile projects throughout London and have always been delighted with the results.

Pico is a superb render,” he continued, “I think it’s the best on the market. It’s one of the only renders to give a very smooth finish and although we applied it by hand you’d think it was a machined finish, it looks that good.”

Further information on Pico render can be found by visiting www.marmorit.co.uk