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In-Tank makes WC installation a simpler task

In-Tank makes WC installation a simpler task

Leading sanitaryware brand Roca has introduced In-Tank – the first system to incorporate the cistern inside the WC pan, making installation simple as well as saving space and water.


The In-Tank Meridian back-to-wall and wall-hung WCs are the first to have a concealed cistern integrated within the pan. Responding to the demand for quick and easy-to-install products, this clever system saves time and keeps costs to a minimum as with the tank already incorporated inside the product, no wall installation is required.  The wall-hung option is supplied complete with either a straight or an L-shaped support, enabling it to be fitted to solid or cavity walls with the support frame built-in.

This innovation means that the In-Tank Meridian, already a compact option with a projection of just 595mm, requires even less installation space than a standard back-to-wall or wall-hung WC. The ideal solution for smaller bathrooms, the In-Tank offers greater flexibility of positioning, as saving on installation complexity, time and materials.


The In-Tank also features Softair technology, comprising an air injection system in the cistern to optimise water flow. The flush buttons, which can be fitted on either the left- or right-hand side of the WC to suit the space available, activate an air pump that emits a flow of air. This air pushes water up from the internal cistern to fill the rim of the pan, whilst the downward flow clears the bowl. The cistern is then replenished to its optimum level and ready for use.

This advanced technology makes the In-Tank WCs an excellent choice for helping to reduce water consumption on domestic and commercial projects alike. Fully approved by the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS), the dual flush uses 4.5 or 3 litres of water, giving a very economical 3.4 litre average flush.

The In-Tank is also fitted with a reserve power supply, enabling the user to continue using the WC for up to six full flushes or 10 part flushes in the event of a power cut.

In-Tank Meridian

Saving space, energy, water and the installer’s time, Roca’s In-Tank Meridian WCs provide the all-round solution for modern bathroom design.

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