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Geberit concealed cistern

Geberit concealed cisterns – providing reliable, low maintenance flushing systems for 50 years

The 1960s weren’t just about major advancements in music and space travel – a new wind was blowing in residential construction too. Spacious floor plans, central heating, large windows and fitted kitchens were all the rage. And although bathrooms were still fairly small, change was in the air here too. The Geberit concealed cistern found its way into bathrooms in 1964 and provided a valuable space-saving solution. The Hotel Eiger in the Swiss spa resort of Grindelwald was among the first to have Geberit concealed cisterns installed, setting a new trend in bathroom design.

Geberit concealed cisterns
Geberit concealed cisterns
Geberit concealed cisterns

Designed for half a century or more

Marianne and Beat Heller took on quite a project when they bought the Hotel Eiger in the Swiss spa resort of Grindelwald in 1962, transforming it into the most modern establishment in the whole village inside and out.

As part of the redesign, all the hotel bathrooms were fitted with a wall-hung WC with a Geberit concealed cistern – technology which, at this point, was far from widespread. In fact, Geberit had begun series production of this cistern, which was completely concealed behind the wall, only two years earlier. With most hotel guests having never seen this kind of flushing system before, hotel staff has to explain at check-in that the little button on the wall was for flushing the toilet.

Progressive thinking inspires confidence

“My parents were big fans of innovation,” says Daniel Heller, who took over the management of

the hotel 12 years ago. “They were among the first in Grindelwald to own a computer. It took up half the room!” It is due to such progressive thinking on the part of building owners and contractors, that the concealed cistern and, hence, pre-wall technology were able to flourish.

With sound insulation and modern fittings being important requirements of the Hotel Eiger refurbishment project, contractors Ruoff AG decided to install all of the sanitary technology behind robust brick prewalls. The new Geberit concealed cisterns provided the perfect solution at just the right time.

The cisterns lived up to expectations, remaining leak-proof and working flawlessly throughout their time neatly concealed behind the bathroom walls. The end of 2013 saw a complete refurbishment of the hotel’s bedrooms and bathrooms, in the course of which the nearly 50-year-old Geberit cisterns were removed and replaced with new ones.

“Throughout the entire planning phase, we had no idea what would be waiting for us behind the wall,” says Thomas Ruoff, the fourth generation of his family to run Ruoff AG. “So we were a bit surprised when we found all of the pipes and cisterns in perfect working order.

“These installations would definitely have carried on working for many years to come.”

Learn more about Geberit’s 50 year involvement in the Hotel Eiger by watching the YouTube video at http://youtu.be/RG2Qv6AO49c

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