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Cooper Security’s new DET-RWATER detection system is a liquid asset

Cooper Security’s new DET-RWATER detection system is a liquid asset

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Cooper Security, a business unit of diversified power management company Eaton, has announced the introduction of a new water detection solution that can be fully integrated into the company’s market leading Scantronic intruder detection system. Suitable for use in both domestic and commercial environments, DET-RWATER sends an alert to a control panel when the presence of water is identified.

The scale of the problems caused by water in buildings was recently highlighted by Halifax Home Insurance, which claims that the cost of repairing damage caused by leaks within the home totals £1.8bn each year. It also stated that some 3.3 million households are affected by water leaking from washing machines, showers, overflowing bathtubs and toilet cisterns, dishwashers, and cracked pipes.

Left unchecked this can cause problems including damp, rotten joists and floorboards, while compromising the safe operation of electrical circuits. Just as worrying is the fact that one in three UK households does not have sufficient building insurance to cover the cost of repairs and the replacement of damaged goods.

In addition, bodies including the Local Government Association and the Energy Saving Trust (EST) have also highlighted reducing the wastage of domestic water as a key environmental issue. However, just a small leak can remain unnoticed until it is too late and, even if water damage is spotted, locating the exact source of the leak can be difficult.

DET-RWATER addresses all of these issues by utilising the capabilities of the Scantronic and Menvier intruder detection systems. By placing a series of radio sensors in strategic locations within a building, in the event of a leak, water is detected and a signal sent to the control panel, whereby an alarm is activated detailing its exact location. This, in turn, gives the homeowner or business manager the opportunity to react before the problem develops into something far more serious.

The DET-RWATER system includes a 3V CR2 lithium battery power supply, with a service life of up to three years. Designed to be unobtrusive, the transmitter dimensions are just 90(h)x35(w)x30(d)mm, while the sensor measures only 45(h)x10(w)x15(d)mm. The entire system can be fitted extremely quickly and, due to the use of radio transmission, there is no need to run cables, which minimises disruption to the internal layout of the building.

Orlaith Palmer, marketing manager at Cooper Security, commented, ‘Thieves are not the only intruders that need to be detected in homes and business premises, and with an estimated 9.7 billion litres of water lost through domestic water leaks each year alone, this is clearly a massive problem. Early detection is vital in order to prevent costly and, in some cases, irreparable damage and the use of DET-RWATER will help reduce the financial and environmental impact of water leaks.’

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