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Flowcrete Provided BAC Mono with a Platform for Success at IFB

Flowcrete Provided BAC Mono with a Platform for Success at IFB


Flowcrete UK has been both figuratively and literally supporting one of the standout British manufacturers of the International Festival for Business (IFB) .

Over the course of the event the Liverpool based Briggs Automotive Company (BAC) demonstrated one of its elite Mono sports cars , which is the world’s first road legal, single-seat production supercar, on top of a bespoke showcase stand provided by Flowcrete UK.

In a workshop area next to BAC’s showcase stand it constructed one of its all-British vehicles from scratch over a period of 30 days – a feat that garnered a significant level of attention from attendees. In fact the IFB was so impressed with BAC that it was named the Face of the Festival .

To celebrate its success at the globally renowned exhibition, BAC invited Flowcrete UK and all of the partnering companies that had worked in collaboration with them on the project to its BAC Technical Partners event, where the quickly expanding car company recognised the benefits that had stemmed from working in synergy with these brands.

Flowcrete UK’s in-house project management service, Isocrete Project Management, was integral to creating the tailor-made exhibition stand from the decorative stone-carpet flooring system Rustik Glamourstone . 82m2 of the same material was also applied within the car company’s new Liverpool showroom .

Kevin Storey, the Managing Director of Isocrete Project Management, attended the BAC Technical Partners event, he said: “BAC is a dynamic and fast growing company, which has made working with them as they’ve developed their site an exciting experience.

“The floor finish within BAC’s new showroom showcases the elite supercar perfectly, as it provides a glittering black backdrop that connects with the ultra high-performance image of the Mono supercar itself.”


The Rustik range of decorative flooring solutions are made from colourful pieces of marble and natural stone aggregates encapsulated within a clear resin. This formulation creates an attractive, slip resistant finish that is durable enough to withstand the continuous traffic and on-site demands of a car showroom without deteriorating.

Flowcrete UK’s Marketing Manager Ian Jones added that: “Flowcrete UK’s collaboration with BAC is emblematic of our industrial heritage, which has involved working alongside some of Britain’s most iconic automotive manufacturers.

“Car builders including Bentley and Jaguar have turned to Flowcrete UK in the past to help them make sure that the floors within their manufacturing facilities and showrooms are of the same high standard as the cars they create.”

To this end Bentley’s main production facility in Crewe installed several of Flowcrete’s hard-wearing resin systems, including Flowcoat SF41 and Flowscreed Industrial Top, as part of a £64 million refurbishment. These flooring solutions have been designed to withstand the worst chemical, heat and impact abuses of intensive, large-scale industrial sites, meaning that Bentley could be assured of an effective and aesthetically pleasing floor finish for an extended period of time.


Jaguar installed the same systems across multiple manufacturing sites in the UK. A key aspect of Jaguar’s floor design was the inclusion of bright yellow signage that enhanced on-site safety by identifying different zones and areas of the facility.

BAC’s plans for the future now include creating over 60 manufacturing jobs by 2015 and then exporting the 2.3-litre, 280 bhp Mono overseas. Flowcrete UK is looking forward to working alongside BAC as they continue to grow, as the resin flooring specialist’s solutions have already been placed on the specification list for new showrooms in Scandinavia and Northern Europe.

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