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Mono Beany

Marshalls Mono Beany Combined Kerb and Drainage – The Latest Technology in Water Management’

Marshalls’ Mono Beany is the newest edition to their comprehensive range of water management products.

Mono Beany is Marshalls’ first one-piece concrete kerb and drainage system, and builds on the success of Beany and Mini Beany their best selling linear drainage products. Easy to specify, quick to install and built to last, Mono Beany brings a range of benefits.Mono Beany

The one-piece design is ready for rapid installation, with the potential to lay 1m in a single motion. Made with ultra-tough M-Tech, the latest in concrete technology, if can handle strong flows of water and carry up to 40 tonnes (Class D400).

Mono Beany

Mono Beany is available in two depths for low to medium capacity water management, delivering expert control at this level thanks to its intelligent features which deliver rapid surface water clearance and efficient drainage flow.

The inlet apertures are angled at 45° and wider on the inside to prevent blockages and maximise drainage efficiency. The new Polyethylene core creates less resistance than concrete at lower flows for improved hydraulic performance.

Together these features ensure surface water is cleared rapidly and internal flow is smooth and efficient.

Mono Beany is available in a range of sizes to help to reduce cutting and waste on site. Half Battered of 45° Splayed profiles are available for spaces with slow or fast moving traffic. Accessories can be added to incorporate pedestrian crossings or roundabouts.

Marshalls’ drainage expert Andrew Stalker said: “With Mono Beany we have created a product that not only provides exceptional performance, but also makes life easier for those specifying and installing the product.

“Adding Mono Beany to our combined kerb and drainage range demonstrates our ongoing commitment to water management and it is already proving to be an extremely popular product.”

To learn more about how Mono Beany visit www.marshalls.co.uk/commercial/water-management or call 0870 241 4725.