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eco-friendly wood finishes

Osmo protects inside and out

An extension to a residential property in Buckinghamshire highlights the diverse range of wood finishes from Osmo and how these eco-friendly products provide outstanding protection and aesthetically pleasing results both internally and externally.

Built in the 1980’s, this four-bed detached home had an unfortunate north facing patio, which, due to lack of sunlight was rarely used. With the prospect of a promising summer, the homeowner decided to make the most of the patio area by erecting an extension and extending the kitchen, utilising the unused space.

eco-friendly wood finishes

Jeffrey Powell Associates was the architect for this project and designed an oak framed extension. To ensure the timber would be protected against UV rays and eliminate algae and fungal decay, two coats of Osmo’s Oak UV-Protection-Oil was applied to the frame, door and windows. By absorbing into the oak, the finish allows the surface to remain healthy and elastic, preventing it from drying and becoming brittle. As well as protecting the wood, it provided a satin-matt, clear finish which creates a rustic appearance which highlights the benefits of having wood installed, and fits in nicely with the rest of the property.

eco-friendly wood finishes

“We understand that wood can start to look grey and tired if not treated correctly” commented the homeowner. Despite this, we were still really keen to use the material for the extension but understood it meant that we had to have a high quality finish applied to protect the material. At the same time, we didn’t want the protective layer to detract from the rustic appearance that wood provides. The Oak UV-Protection-Oil ensured all of our requirements were met.”

Protecting the wood internally was just as important on this project. Osmo’s renowned Polyx-Oil range was used on the oak frame and on the floor. Polyx-Oil Tints Raw is a lightly tinted finish that provides an original, untreated appearance for wooden surfaces. It not only creates a sought-after look, but also protects the wood’s surface. This finished provided the internal oak beams with a fantastic rustic look. Polyx-Oil was also applied to the flooring. Providing a water resistant, hardwearing surface, any mud or rain that is brought in from the garden, can simply be wiped away.

The extension included a newly kitted out kitchen. The work surfaces were treated with Osmo Top Oil to accentuate the woods natural colours and grains. Resistant to all common kitchen spillages and cleaning materials, it provides and easy to clean and water repellent finish. The new interior doors were treated with Osmo Door Oil. Creating a durable micro-porous finish, which is also water-repellent and non-abrasive, Door Oil will not crack, flake or peel. Both the Top Oil and Door Oil created a glossy finish where applied.

“After having the Osmo products applied externally, and being impressed with the quality, we decided that we wanted to stick with its range of products internally as well” continues the homeowner. The finishes have retained the original colour and grain of the wood, something which was incredibly important to us. Not only are we happy with the finishes at this point, we have been advised that as long as we maintain the surfaces, the finishes will remain in top condition for many years to come.”

Finally, Osmo Wood Wax Finish Creativ Snow was applied to all interior skirtings. Requiring only one coat, Wood Wax Finish Creativ was quick and easy to apply throughout the extension, providing a resistant, durable finish. Designed to add colour to wooden materials, it is the great at adding a personal touch to the selected areas in the kitchen.

For more information on Osmo’s range of eco-friendly solutions, please visit www.osmouk.com, or call Osmo directly on 01296 481 220.