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Bi-Fold Expectations

Bi-Fold Expectations

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A new build project in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, spanning 8,500sq ft has gone up for sale. Completed in February 2014, this seven bedroom build has been designed to blend in with the authentic style of its surrounding area and offers all the detail of a period property with a modern twist.

The house developers who undertook this impressive task specialise in building premium quality, high specification homes. The company originally started out by building small extensions, but has gradually worked up to bigger projects. In fact, the minimum project now undertaken by the developers is 4,000sq ft.

This Victorian styled property conveys a wide range of architectural styles, from early classicism inherited from Regency architecture to design touches from the Queen Anne period, all injected into the new build. To the right hand side of the property is an unexpected one level modern extension, with streamlined design, incorporating bi-folding doors.

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This modern wing encompasses the kitchen and dining room, plus an extended seating area. These three rooms merge into one open planned space creating a contemporary living area. There is an abundance of natural light generated from two sets of bi-folds that run the length of the property, providing transition between house and garden.

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The construction company decided upon aluminium bi-folds after experiencing problems with PVC and wood. The doors integrated are made from high grade aluminium, in keeping with the contemporary living area.

Supplied by Origin, an award winning British manufacturer of bi-folding doors, the construction company specified a ten door set with a moving corner post plus a five door set and incorporated four roof lanterns to increase the vast amount of natural light filling the rooms.

The ten door set is a five by five corner bi-fold configuration, with the far set operating around a 90° angle clear opening. This set-up provides a completely frameless corner, with unrestricted views of the garden. Each door panel measures 793mm X 2289mm filling an aperture of 8163mm. The five door fits in an aperture of 3997mm with each door leaf measuring 765mm wide by a standard height of approximately 2289mm.

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The aluminium doors are powdercoated in anthracite grey on the exterior, whilst the interior is in hipca white to maintain a modern fresh look. Due to the bespoke nature of Origin’s bi-folding doors, the interior and exterior door frames can be any combination of different colours. So whilst the outside of the doors can match the external fixtures and fittings of the house, the interior frame can be a different colour to match the room.

Made from high grade aluminium, the doors provide the right combination of strength and weight, allowing for a narrow and more aesthetically pleasing frame but with easy movement through the large opening.

The house has been decorated to a high specification throughout by using an interior designer to offer an opulent, luxurious feel in every room. The entirety of the project took from the end of 2012 through to February 2014, with the actual building starting to take place in March 2013.