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Ductwork revolution for AG Barr

Ductwork revolution for AG Barr

Cosaf, inventors of GatorDuct, the world’s most advanced ductwork system, has just produced and installed a unique bespoke air distribution system for soft drinks manufacturer AG Barr, in the production hall at its manufacturing plant in Milton Keynes. The ducts make a colourful and creative installation style feature, as they are scaled replicas of actual AG Barr soft drink cans.  The GatorDuct duct system features six duct systems, each containing five duct cans, providing 30 soft drink can duct sections in total.


AG Barr demonstrated their corporate social responsibility in selecting Cosaf to create one of the world’s most sustainable cooling systems on the planet today, which uses low energy evaporative cooling technology in conjunction with the world’s only sustainable ductwork system GatorDuct.

‘We wanted to brighten up our state of the art facility with a complementary system while at the same time ensuring environmentally friendly credentials.


Commenting on this latest project, Karl Sullivan, Managing Director of Cosaf, says, ‘AG Barr have benefited from the fact that GatorDuct is printable, so ductwork can be matched to any colour scheme, company colours, or patterns.  GatorDuct was the perfect solution as it is made from a renewable source and is 100% recyclable and has turned something functional into a real design statement that reflects the AG Barr’s products and our heritage. We recently produced and installed ductwork with a jungle theme for a children’s play area and believe there are huge benefits for the building industry to benefit from our revolutionary technology in terms of the environment and to enhance the aesthetics of their designs.’

About GatorDuct
GatorDuct is the major innovation in ductwork technology in more than 100 years, challenging the use of traditional steel ductwork.  It is made from Tri-wall, the strongest heavy duty corrugated cardboard available, whose inherent insulation properties mean an average of 50% less insulation material is needed for GatorDuct than for traditional steel duct.

Cosaf HVAC engineers combine Tri-wall with a unique multi-layered coating material, GatorSkin, which is fire-retardant, moisture resistant and water repellent and which has self-cleaning properties which mean a reduction in accumulation of dust and solid particles.

GatorDuct is environmentally friendly, as it is manufactured from a 100% sustainable source, where for each tree cut down, two are planted.   It is also 100% recyclable.  In addition, GatorDuct can be flat packed for transport, unlike steel duct, saving approximately 88% of space compared with transportation of steel duct.  It is also tough and durable and will last a lifetime.  The system is fully integrated with Autodesk AutoCAD MEP for the production of 3D coordination drawings.

The GatorDuct system improves efficiency of air distribution systems as it uses GatorSeal, the world’s first push fit joining system that provides 40% compression to the foam gasket seal, ensuring air tight joints and eliminating over compression and split seals.  Visit www.gatorduct.com for more info.