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Inta promises to be bold as (ECO)BRASS

Inta promises to be bold as (ECO)BRASS

Stuart Gizzi, director at bathroom, plumbing and heating product manufacturer Inta, on why the company is ahead of the game with its commitment to incorporating ECOBRASS into its range:

Stuart Gizzi
Stuart Gizzi

“ECOBRASS is an impending European-wide industry standard that guarantees a safe and reliable supply of clean water to public buildings. The term refers to a particular type of brass used in kitchen and bathroom products which is lead free and environmentally friendly. In short, products that meet the ECOBRASS standard are guaranteed to maintain the quality of water delivered to kitchens and bathrooms.

“Despite the fact that ECOBRASS is already widely recognised in Germany, Holland and France, it is still under the radar in the UK – with few manufacturers aware of the standard. When we set out 12 years ago, we committed ourselves to the creation of top quality bathroom, plumbing and heating products, with innovation underpinning everything we do.

“As a result, we’re always looking to meet and go beyond new standards and discover ways to improve our product offering. Part of this process involves sourcing quality materials and making sure they are traceable. We make it our business to personally identify, visit and vet our suppliers – something we do several times a year. For the purposes of quality control, we also keep our list of suppliers succinct and close to home. A lot of our work takes us to Italy – arguably the capital of design – and that’s usually as far as our product parts travel from.

“We insist on using only quality suppliers and materials and are always seeking ways to make our products more efficient. If there’s a water saving scheme, a hallmark for energy efficiency or a recognised safety standard, we’ve either got it or are working towards it. With ECOBRASS, we’re ahead of the pack, as we already have a product range that meets the standard.

“We’re now determined to bring our range of heating and commercial products under the ECOBRASS umbrella and we’re working to ensure that, where practical, this happens ahead of its implementation.

“We don’t sell fast and cheap quick-fix products, we sell solutions and designs that go the extra mile and deliver what they promise – that is why we always seek external endorsement and would never expect customers to just take our word for it. This is demonstrated by the various accreditations we have garnered, from WRAS and TMV3 for our commitment to anti-scald right through to business and workplace accolades in the form of ISO4001 and ISO9001.

“Part of our mission is to be the most ethical and efficient manufacturer we can possibly be – which is why we’re engaging in an ECOBRASS evolution.”

For more information on Inta’s host of products that conform to the ECOBRASS standard, or any other Inta product visit www.intatec.co.uk or call 01889 272 180.