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VitrA launches RIM-EX range

International bathroom specialist VitrA has launched RIM-EX; a new comprehensive set of rimless WCs.

VitrA’s RIM-EX launch follows the introduction last year of its first truly rimless WC for the M-Line range. The company’s RIM-EX concept now makes it possible to pick a rimless WC from many of VitrA’s most popular ranges; Nest, Shift, T4 and M-Line (as before) from its Designer Collection; and S50 and Arkitekt from its Bathroom and Commercial Collection. With these new additions, many bathrooms can now benefit from the superior hygiene and ease of cleaning experienced with a RIM-EX WC.

Each RIM-EX WC incorporates the following special design features. The rimless bowl features an easy clean surface and no rims or holes where dirt or harmful organisms can collect. To eradicate the need for a rim (as in most standard toilets), the RIM-EX WCs employ a ceramic water distribution tool. It is designed to precisely distribute water, ensuring efficiency and removing the need for a rim. This tool is fully removable so that cleaning can be easy and thorough. The bowl has also been developed to make for efficient flushing. Thanks to these design features, the RIM-EX WCs are 95% more hygienic than standard WCs.

VitrA - Nest RIM-EX WC (closed)

VitrA - 5744 Nest Rimless v2

The RIM-EX range retails as follows; RIM-EX Arkitekt WC from £175; RIM-EX S50 WC from £235; RIM-EX M-Line WC from £309; RIM-EX Nest WC from £345; RIM-EX T4 WC from £348; RIM-EX Shift WC from £364 (all prices include VAT). The RIM-EX M-Line WC is currently the only model available with VitrA Fresh; a tank which releases cleaning fluid with every flush.

For further information about VitrA, please call 01235 750 990 or visit the website at www.vitra.co.uk.