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D R Services launches new edge seals

D R Services launches new edge seals

Achieving the ultimate in clean aesthetics and effective performance, two new edge seals available from D R Services represent major advances in design. The glass lip and the glass lip slide seals are a quick and almost invisible, but effective and easily adjustable, means of filling the gaps at the junctions of glass doors and walls. They are ideal for retrofitting in almost all glass installations, including shopfronts and shower enclosures.

Unlike conventional edge seals that rely on a ‘U’ channel being fitted around the edge of the glass to carry the seal, the glass lip perimeter seal from D R Services is applied to the polished edge of the glass using a high strength transparent adhesive which is waterproof, UV stable and virtually permanent. Once fitted the seal, which can be used on hinged and sliding glass doors, is easily adjusted by simply tearing off the required amount of the lip to meet gaps from 2.5 up to 7 mm.

The glass lip slide seal is designed for sliding glass doors. It consists of a soft transparent seal with an adjustable single lip and is installed on the fixed part of the sliding door to close the gap with the moving part. The lip can be shortened by simply tearing down its length to compensate gaps from 12 to 30 mm.PR 36463 - New sealsA combination of the two seals will fill the gap between a glass door and the sliding track on the top edge. An acoustic seal for the bottom edge of a slider or pivot door is also available. The acoustic rating of the seals is 38 dB Rw and is better than for brush seals while being less visible and more durable. Both seals are made from transparent coextruded thermoplastic and can be used on glass from 8 mm to 14 mm thick.

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