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Inta raises the temperature in product development

Inta raises the temperature in product development

Launched in 2002, manufacturer of heating, plumbing and showering products, Inta, has been breaking boundaries and inspiring industry-wide innovation for over a decade.

As the firm celebrates three years since the launch of its acclaimed plumbing and heating division, Inta looks back over the success stories that have seen its products and ranges admired and emulated by many of its industry contemporaries.

The firm, which has proudly created no less than three patented products, led the way back in 2012 when it unveiled a range of heating products that promised to deliver on more elements than any of its counterparts.

A case in point, Inta’s extensive range of WRAS-approved pressure reducing valves (PRVs), which are available in sizes up to 54mm and operate up a temperature of 80 degrees celsius, were unveiled to the market when other PRVs had a maximum temperature of 60 degrees. The firm’s PRVs also boast drop tight functionality – something that is rare across a standard product range.

Image - PRV Compression with Gauge

Inta continued to raise the bar with the launch of its patented iten-10 range of manual lockshield thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs). The iten-10’s unique design eliminates the use of a conventional rising spindle, replacing it with a unique fixed spindle and disc arrangement.

This, an industry first, addressed the oft-heard complaint of leaking packing glands – making installer call backs a thing of the past.

Most recently at PHEX Chelsea, Inta unveiled its newest addition to the plumbing and heating family – Intavent, an in line deaerator that complements the firm’s best-selling magnetic filter, the Intaklean, to remove trapped air bubbles in sealed heating systems.

Making unnecessary breakdowns a thing of the past, the Intavent features a coil of steel mesh that creates a vortex, causing trapped air to separate and stick to the mesh before rising to the surface where it is then discharged by the air vent. The Intavent maintains optimum system performance, reduces energy consumption by as much as 6% and makes unnecessary component breakdowns a thing of the past.

Speaking of its position as an industry trailblazer, director Stuart Gizzi said: “Where Inta goes others follow and we pride ourselves on
the creation of products that solve problems that have yet to be cracked. The goal is always to be one step ahead and we’re pleased to
have led the way with many of our products.

“Our plumbing and heating range is designed, quite simply, to make life much easier for installers. Providing quality parts that go the
extra mile – whether that’s making a product that lasts longer, is tamper proof or makes servicing more straightforward – is what we’re
all about.

“One of the most important elements for us is the traceability of our supply chain. We work closely with our suppliers in Italy and regularly visit our factories there to ensure that we are delivering on all of our quality promises. This close relationship and visibility means we have absolute confidence in our products and really makes the difference in the lifespan of our range. Importing cheap, quick-fix parts from far-flung countries, with no insight into the manufacturing methods and practises, simply won’t work for our brand.

“We’re well-established as the go-to manufacturer of all things anti-scald – it’s in our blood and it’s in our name – but we’ve
also proven, in just three years, that we know a thing or two about plumbing and heating products. We like to think we’re excelling in
this area and are at the fore of innovation in this field. As far as we’re concerned, imitation is the best form of flattery and we relish
the opportunity to keep hotting up the industry with our game-changing ranges.”

For more information on Inta’s Plumbing and Heating Collection, or any other Inta products visit www.intatec.co.uk or call 01889 272 180.