Specifier Review

Ceiling installation from Knauf AMF goes swimmingly

The Knauf AMF Aquatec ceiling system has been installed in the new pool hall at Leytonstone Leisure Centre, London. The refurbished centre is part of an ongoing £24.5 million regeneration programme. The hall is equipped with a 25m main pool and a teaching pool.

Architects AFLS+P specified the Aquatec ceiling system to meet the demanding requirements for the public pool. The ceiling has to withstand a tough combination of extreme humidity, a range of temperatures, water, and exposure to the corrosive atmosphere caused by chlorine.  AFLS+P are impressed with the ceiling and have specified Aquatec for a number of projects including a further three large leisure centres. Interiors Manager Jason Griffiths explains why they’ve chosen Knauf AMF:

Knauf AMF were extremely helpful in providing information about their product. We were invited to view the manufacturing facility and a demonstration on how the Aquatec systems performed when exposed to high humidity. We observed a test where the product was immersed in water. Knauf AMF prepared the full NBS specification for the leisure centre and went through the spec in great detail highlighting any areas that were of concern whilst providing solutions to overcome them. Their support on pricing was extremely helpful and competitive.”

1,000m² Aquatec ceiling tiles were installed using AMF Donn DX24 grid system. Aquatec panels are moisture resistant up to 100% RH and can withstand the wet conditions of the pool environment without deteriorating, even at temperatures as high as 40˚c.


The AMF Donn DX24 grid has an advanced anti-corrosive coating. The grid is specifically designed for use in high humidity areas and can cope with the highly corrosive environments. The grid features a quick-release clip design which makes it easy to remove the ceiling tiles without the use of tools allowing access to the void above. The cross-tees come with override-ends which resist twisting and have no exposed edges.

High noise levels could have been a problem in the pool hall because it features brick and tiled surfaces which reflect sound. So, potentially, the noise could build up the busier the space becomes. Thanks to the Aquatec ceiling with its superior sound absorption and sound attenuation characteristics, the acoustics are controlled creating a pleasant environment for swimmers to enjoy.

The hall is designed with large glass windows. The 88% light reflectance of the Aquatec ceiling surface reflects the daylight back into the room helping the local authority to reduce its electricity costs.

For advice on specifying and installing ceiling and wall panels in swimming pools and other wet, corrosive areas, email Knauf AMF at info@knaufamf.co.uk or visit www.amfceilings.co.uk