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25 years of arched frames and Force 8 is still ahead of the curve

25 years of arched frames and Force 8 is still ahead of the curve


In an industry first, Stockport-based VEKA fabricator Force 8 is now able to offer its revolutionary seamless arched frames, nationwide, with a 48 hour turnaround.

Managing Director Dennis Sumner pioneered frame bending technology around 25 years ago, realising that the standard industry practice of welding curved sections of profile together to create an arch jeopardised the frame’s integrity as well as affecting its aesthetic appearance.

“When we first looked at profile bending as a business opportunity we wanted to be the best” Dennis comments. “Developing the one-piece bend was not an easy option which is probably why, even today, none of our competitors have attempted anything similar. It makes sense that an unbroken system retains its strength – the only time we have a weld on a profile bend is on a completely circular window.”

All the tooling that family-run Force 8 uses for bending is specifically calibrated for high-spec VEKA profile, allowing the company to offer the same extensive guarantees on its arched frames as on its other VEKA-based products. Dennis continues: “Our arched frames are fully reinforced and, as you would expect from Force 8, conform to all the latest building regulations including the mandatory CE Markings required on all replacement frames and windows.”

Making a significant investment in technology has facilitated Force 8’s ability to supply arched frames, nationwide, within 48 hours. Dennis explains: “Previously, the seamless bending process was very time consuming, requiring hardboard or MDF jigs as the template for the curve. With our new machines and software we have a system so accurate that the profile can be cut at the same time as the bending process is taking place, eliminating the need to check fitting and effectively halving the production time. With no need for a template, all we need from customers is the technical details in an email.”

Colin Torley, Sales and Marketing Director for The VEKA UK Group, praised Force 8 for maximising the potential of VEKA’s profile: “What Dennis has achieved with Force 8’s arched frames is phenomenal. He saw the potential for his business in bending PVC-U profile and knew that, with the VEKA name behind him, his customers would see the benefits too. Full credit to Force 8 for identifying a niche in a sprawling industry and truly making it its own – we can’t wait to see what their next innovation will be.”

Dennis concludes: “Arched frames have always been one of our core products and, while we have strived to streamline production and reduce lead times, our priority has always been quality. That’s why we’re committed to using VEKA profile – with 25 successful year’s experience and thousands of satisfied commercial and residential customers, why would we change? We will continue to innovate and push the boundaries as we believe in evolution – after all, if you don’t evolve, you become extinct!”

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