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The Riefa Green Roof Revolution

For some time, much of the green roofing solutions being promoted in the construction sector have been at times rather questionable as to their actual green credentials. Green roofs are frequently quoted as the saviour of our urban environment, but when faced with the reality of the broader environmental impact of the plastic trays, felt bases, and granular linings that are used in the installation process, standard green roofing does give way to some eye brow raising questions. As well-intentioned as they set out to be, standard green roofing remains flawed. The good news is that greener alternatives do exist that actually meet the expectations and ideals of the customer.

Riefa Green Roofing Solutions offers one such alternative. Riefa has been staging a revolution with a much lighter, less expensive system made from an organic and sustainable fibreboard. Once the existing roof is covered with a waterproof membrane, the Riefa board can be simply overlain with a pre-grown vegetation blanket creating a wildflower or sedum roof.

Sedum on riefa board

Its low-depth profile (only 75mm) enables it to be seamlessly installed over worn out roof covers and due to the lightness of the system (36kg per m 2 when saturated) it is extremely quick to install, transport and distribute across the roof. It also dispenses with the need for heavy drainage layers and granular fill so doesn’t need any kind of special support structure.

Though hi-tech in nature, the system is remarkably affordable. When you incorporate this important factor with its lightweight specifications, low profile, speed and ease of fitting and the fact that no remedial work is required prior to fitting, well, one can see why Riefa has become highly desirable amongst architects and other specifiers. It appears that Riefa’s green roof systems will continue to revolutionise this sector with its unique solutions and at last, genuine green credentials.

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