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Stunning but casual meeting space furniture from Sun-Light Solutions Ltd

Stunning but casual meeting space furniture from Sun-Light Solutions Ltd

Sun-Light Solutions introduces the all new, casual meeting space furniture to the Interior Design and Professional AV markets throughout Europe.


Defining modern spaces requires a fresh approach, which is why we have developed our products to simplify how spaces are used, making those spaces flexible and easier to engage with on a day to day basis. Dynamic functionality is a balance between people, product, and technology. The casual meeting space furniture aims to encourage inclusive meetings in spaces enabled by wireless technology, while providing exclusive opportunities for group discussion or
personal time.

Meeting Space Furniture
A seating solution for casual meetings, a breakout chat or just to relax and contemplate. Use as a single seat or group together to create meeting areas, mix and match fabric finishes or tune for a corporate feel. Add in a coffee table for more functionality. Available in low, medium and high backs, in two or three seater options. Full or half side options. Legs available in white as standard or other finishes are available. The furniture is designed to be moveable and flexible and therefore easy to relocate within a space.


Casual Meeting space
A new concept for casual meeting spaces. A fully furnished enclosure with seating for four or six people. Choose from a large range of fabric colours, mix and match colours or tune to a corporate feel.

A built in table with a ‘power dome’ for laptop and tablet connectivity as standard. Energy efficient white LED down lights as standard or add RGBW coloured lights to create the right mood. The unit could be left with two open sides to take in the view or add a full rear panel to create a more enclosed feel, here you could add a flat screen monitor and use as a presentation space or work on documents in small groups. The construction and materials used ensures
good sound absorption and therefore more secure conversations can be achieved.

The solution can be installed within half an hour and moved from location to location if required or just place in that perfect location.

Designed and crafted in the UK.


Each of the products we manufacture is given the time and care you deserve. As with all of our pieces, the manufacture of our furniture is carried out by local craftsmen and upholsterers who detail out every part of the construction. Each frame is hand made by our team of highly skilled carpenters who have decades of experience. Every piece is finished by one of our highly skilled upholsterers, with all the fabrics also being hand cut. Every piece of metalwork we use is locally designed and made exclusively for our products.



It is important to us to be using sustainable materials, which is why our fabrics are made from natural fibres – including wool, hemp, and even nettles. Most of our standard fabrics are from Camira, Second Nature – which champions recycled, renewable and compostable materials that are climate neutral – Please find standard colours and textures.

Urban (Second Nature).


Taking its inspiration from the street, it has a sharply styled look with clean lines. Lightly textured, there’s an almost industrial metallic sheen to the freshly themed fabric.

Denim (Second Nature).


Aptly named for possessing all the characteristics of the acclaimed ‘jeans’ fabric, is a clean, crisp wool rich plain weave upholstery fabric.

Hemp (Second Nature).


Made from 60% wool. The rest comes from Hemp, grown from plants of the Cannabis genus and farmed in our neighbouring county of Leicestershire.

Blazer (Second Nature).


Made from 100% LaneveTM wool, sustainably produced and traceable right back to individual farms of Banks Peninsula Growers on South Island, New Zealand.