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New transparent offering for flood defences

New transparent offering for flood defences

IBS Engineered Products Ltd introduce new ‘lightweight’ version of widely used innovative glass flood defence system, now available in the UK & Ireland.

Drawing on the experience and the design of our already widely used glass flood defence system, the new sleeker product incorporates a slimmer frame design that maximises the view through the glass panels and provides flood protection up to 800mm in height and where the load criteria consideration is hydrostatic water head. This system has already been installed in mainland Europe and in the UK in South Wales.

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Commenting on this recent addition to the product range, Ray Moulds, Business Development Manager, said “we recognised that not all of our clients’ designs required a system that could withstand an impact load as well as hydrostatic head, so we set to work to lighten the design and this is the result. We believe we already have the most widely used glass system in Europe, but the addition of this new ‘lightweight’ version will ensure that our customers are getting the optimum glass defence system for their project in terms of design, aesthetics and build costs.”

The IBS glass wall flood protection system is an ideal solution where traditional floodwalls are undesirable and temporary barriers cannot be installed due to certain logistical circumstances. Providing not only a spectacular alternative, the glass flood wall systems’ benefits also include interchangeability, easily replaceable parts and maintenance free.

IBS glass wall flood defence systems have been installed around the country, including in Upton-upon-Severn in 2012, providing part of a solution to hold back floodwater from the River Severn and with the design enabling residents to view the river safely. With excellent feedback, the glass system at Upton was highly successful in holding back the Severn on at least one occasion as the river rose during the winter flooding of 2013/14.

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IBS Engineered Products Ltd is a leading supplier of flow control and flood protection equipment based in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. Our main products include penstocks, stoplogs, glass flood defences, demountable flood barriers/walls and floodgates.

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