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Protecting the Building Envelope

Protecting the Building Envelope

Front Cover 2015 Product Guide

The 2015 edition of ‘Protecting the Building Envelope’ (volume 27) is a full colour A5 manual of 147 pages containing the latest best practice building details.

This latest edition includes more than 168 enhancements plus additional construction solutions and numerous upgraded products.

Published by Cavity Trays Ltd of Yeovil, here are some application examples:

Type GBOT Type G Balcony Opening Tray

The Type GBOT is a Type G compatible cavitray for use at door openings where water penetrating in and around the reveal / closer must be prevented from continuing its usual gravitational path.

Appropriate for use where a doorway opens onto a balcony or deck area under which is a continuation of the building/enclosed area.

Type BWVC Bay Window Vertical Cavitray

Prevents lateral transference experienced when wind-driven rain saturates the external masonry skin around a bay window or similar where the level of the bay-spanning lintel and the level at which the roof intersects are different.

Type X Gable Abutment Cavitray

Now manufactured to suit a wider range of cavity widths and available with synthetic flashing options as well as traditional lead flashing.

Timber Frame and SIPS DPC Profiles

An increased range of profiles offering protection extending three dimensionally.

The above are just a few of the new specification solutions detailed within this new publication from Cavity Trays Ltd of Yeovil, that is the longest established specialist within its field and also the only cavity tray manufacturer in the UK awarded European Technical Approval.

Readers might also wish to secure a copy of an accompanying handbook in the Best Practice series called:

The Latest Book of Wise Decisions’.

Both are essential reading for all industry disciplines.