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Elegance is back

Elegance is back

Imago Lift&Slide Doors on villa

Italian hardware company AGB has brought Imago Lift & Slide to the UK. It’s a luxury wide span timber door that oozes elegance. It’s everything anyone wants from a door, more glass, slim and stylish frames and a smoothness that even George Clooney will find hard to beat.

The sheer luxury of the wood is combined with the componentry from Italian hardware specialists AGB. There’s no other door like Imago. AGB’s philosophy is technology must be beautiful, and nowhere in its range is that more apt than with Imago Lift & Slide doors.

The Imago Lift & Slide door is highly energy efficient. Imago features the advanced AGB Uni-V Central Point to ensure a consistent weatherseal and thermal break between the interlocking timber door sash and frame. It’s tested to extreme levels of water, air, wind and impact. To make it even more efficient, Imago has the unique Climatech flush threshold made from reinforced fibre glass. It guarantees high thermal performance and sits at the same level as the floor, so it looks amazing.

As with any door, security has to be a top priority. AGB’s Poseidon high security locking system is a real innovation in keeping homes safe and it looks beautiful. Its low profile twin hook, central bolt lock secures to a concealed security striker, providing the highest protection for Imago Lift & Slide Doors. So Imago’s technical credentials are more than a match for its beauty.