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Manufacturing with BIM: The Cubicle Centre Story

Cubicle Centre (Main)

BIM video channel The B1M and cubicle manufacturer Cubicle Centre have today released a groundbreaking new BIM documentary.

Manufacturing with BIM: The Cubicle Centre Story” is a six-minute clip that explores how BIM has helped streamline the design-to-manufacture process at the 25-strong West Yorkshire based firm.

It reveals a projected five-working week efficiency saving as a result of making product data available to design teams in 3D component form, enabling works orders, fabrication drawings and cutting lists to be produced faster and with improved accuracy.

Cubicle Centre Brand and Marketing Director, Craig Sewell explained:

“Some people think a cubicle is just a cubicle, but we take our business seriously. BIM has enabled us to improve lead times and increase productivity, so it was a no-brainer really.”

The video forms part of a series by The B1M lifting the lid on various organisation’s BIM journeys and freely sharing the results on YouTube.

The B1M Co-Founder, Fred Mills commented:

“Cubicle Centre’s BIM journey is an inspirational story locked inside modest people. They’re doing a great job but don’t really realise it.

What we shine a light on here is people – normal people like you and I – seeing real benefits to their business and working lives as a direct result of using BIM.”

The video is freely available on YouTube, accompanied by a more light-hearted set of outtakes from the filming sessions.

You can see both clips here:

Manufacturing with BIM: The Cubicle Centre Story

B1M Bloopers: Cubicle Centre

About Cubicle Centre
Family owned since 1998, Cubicle Centre specialise in the manufacture of washroom panel products with some of the shortest lead times in the cubicle industry. An extensive range of toilet cubicles and washroom panel systems are available on a manufacture and supply basis.

About The B1M
The B1M (‘BIM one million’) is an online video resource for BIM, focused on inspiring one million people through the easy and engaging medium of film. Our website is targeting a million members and video views to help bring BIM to a wider audience. Since launching, we have grown to over 1,000 members, 8,000 social media followers and 12 hours of content. We reach students, professionals and project teams across six continents.