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Vicaima add to 1930’s charm at Meyerhold Opera Paris Hotel

Interior doors specialist, Vicaima, was selected to renovate the 1930’s inspired ambiance of the sophisticated Meyerhold Opera Paris Hotel, one of the most recent hotel properties located in the heart of the French capital.

The primary objective of this renovation and rehabilitation project; set in an historic building, located near the Grands Boulevards neighbourhood, was to improve the comfort of the guests and to create a refined environment in an urban setting.

Challenged by the Atlani family – the owner of the development and by the designer Anne Gelbard – leader of the project – Vicaima presented exclusive and ambitious solutions for the development, including technical doors with high performance acoustic insulation, unique design and tailor-made details.

Vicaima walnut door with sunrise effect in hallway
Vicaima walnut door with sunrise effect in hallway

For the room entrance, the choice made was for the Vicaima Portaro® AC42dB EI30, a solution which includes door, adjustable frame to wall thickness and accessories in one single piece, and therefore, of rapid and efficient installation, due to its adaptation to existing building structures. This solution is certified by accredited international laboratories for 30 minute fire resistance and acoustic insulation up to 42dB, responding to the high demands and regulation standards for this type of hotel projects.

Inspired by the hotel’s setting, Vicaima door solutions were exclusively developed, in quarter cut walnut veneer with a sunrise effect and matt finish, matching the environment recreated at the hotel and inspired by the Bahaus constructivism. Amongst the solutions provided are also the sliding doors in the interior the suites, with tailor-made details, which combine with the glamorous ambiance of the hotel.

“Our contact with international markets enabled us to know and identify Vicaima as the one that best corresponded to the expectations of our hotel project. The Meyerhold Opera Paris Hotel is distinguished by its refined details, which are no more than a reflection of the luxury and refinements sought by our customers. Vicaima is notable for its ‘savoir-faire’ [experience and know-how], for the quality of its products and for always being attentive to the exclusivity that we seek, “emphasizes Mr. Atlani, owner of Meyerhold Opera Paris Hotel.

At the Meyerhold Opera Paris Hotel, each room has its own identity and concept, in a balance between the contemporary furniture and the antique collection that the owners wanted to maintain in the overall decor. Specializing in technical and exclusive solutions for hotel renovation, Vicaima now adds the Meyerhold Opera Paris Hotel to its portfolio of premium projects with acoustic performance. In other recent examples, Vicaima were responsible for two major hotel renovations in southern Portugal, including the Vila Galé Collection Hotel and a project for the B&B Hotel Group.

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